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Aries Three


Genres: Electronic / Techno / Experimental

Location: Seattle (Presently in Afghanistan), WA

Stats: 212 fans / 40,419 plays / 10 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Evan Haukaas

Obviously I haven't been on here for a long time. The "Revamp" of PV kind of pisses me off... Anyway, I lost a lot of songs because I didn't update my subscription so we are limited to just the four tracks here. I have a couple I should upload soon... keep an eye out. Thanks!

The old stats were:
Song Name All-Time Plays
Agape 685
Alphabet 4,001
Baby Breath 1,277
Constant Rings 529
CowEggGuiro 1,276
Destructo Beam (Sealab 2021) 1,302
Ender 1,570
GoodBye 829
IM love 5,191
Immature Love (Quickie Ver) 1,199
in the 2,360
neruaL 286
NO HLP 454
of Loneliness 2,520
Old Feelings 318
Ripples 2,919
Roman Prophecies 673
Sector Five 2,075
Seldom 985
Splinters 835
Stop-Proceed 508
Track record 2,452
Travel The Heart 392
Untitled 1,692

New song up. "neruaL". I used some interesting samples and fucked around with some Braindance drum beats.

- 2JUL07
New song up, called Seldom. It's kinda slow and ambient. Comments appreciated. I might be uploading an older song too, one that has been on myspace.

- 21JUN07
I took my sweet time but there is finally a new song up. It isn't the one I mentioned before but it's been in the works for a long time. It is for a couple friends in specific but you can give it a listen... please. ; )

- 28MAY07
I have a new song coming up. I sent it to Circumarual for a friends opinion and there is still some work to do on it but I think it will be a real work of art. (I don't mean to speak so highly of myself but I am excited about the song...) Please check back in the next week for an update. Peace.

- 8MAY07
I uploaded a song (short loop) I'm working on... it's for my friend Roman. This is just a quick taste of my idea, can anyone identify the audio sample? I know you can, Roman. Hahaha... "Destructo Beam"

- 26APR07
It's been a while since I've updated this or anything for that matter. There are some new songs in progress but I don't have much time on my hands. If you are in the Seattle area, you really must pick up the (SOUND) Seattle magazine. Inside you'll find an article about me. I was pretty excited about it. It might not be about my music but it's about me being a musician. So... that's good enough for me.

- 8FEB07
My friend back in Washington uploaded a song I sent him. My internet has been spazing out and I can't stay connected very long. Anyway, the new song is called "Alphabet" and it has nothing to do with the alphabet. It was going to, but I decided not to sing and chanced upon a sample off of myspace. It's hard to hear the words, "I'm counting down the minutes until I can be with you again". There you have it. Give it a listen, thanks.

- 18JAN07
I finished an old song previously "Immature Love". It's up as IM love and is downloadable! I really only like the ending of the song, you be the judge.

- 27OCT2006
I am working on a new album release. I'll upload a new song off of it this weekend. Also, I've been picked up by Chemistry Set Records and YOU WILL BE ABLE TO DOWNLOAD MY SONGS!!! off of WeedShare. If you don't have a weedshare account, you can sign up for free and they'll give you 5 bucks to buy your first songs. You can download for free and share for free but after a few plays you must purchase a code to unlock the song. Sounds like a good deal to me and you get my songs for your wee-little mp3 player. I'll keep you posted on when it is available. (Weedshare.com)


  • give.me.clarity said:
    i miss you something fierce xx May 10
  • give.me.clarity. [boomtastic] said:
    i love you and your music 33 Dec 02
  • give.me.clarity. [boomtastic] said:
    just sitting here listening to your music. "Alphabet" really is a good one, as are all of your songs, but its got such a great sound. its fun. Sep 23
  • give.me.clarity. [boomtastic] said:
    iloveyou. Sep 21
  • CrimsonAngeL15 said:
    wow Oct 31
  • SystemOAD said:
    due i was lookin for the sealab episode (cuz i wuz bored) and i found the really fast version and it was really funny on youtube but alas i nevr found the normal version....but it was funny Oct 13
  • SystemOAD said:
    yo thats cool cant wait for them seriously and i want in on that show too hahah (if u do it) Oct 13
  • SystemOAD said:
    ur the coolest im mandas bro mike i love ur music, ripples and destructobbeam and sector 5 are awsome! Oct 10
  • said:
    love. Sep 16
  • Retrophile said:
    Figured this might be a better way of keeping in touch since this is where you focus most of your attention. Not too many new songs, I just got Ableton live set up so we might be sending you some creative ammunition soon. Keep in touch fucker, get your ass home. Aug 31
  • said:
    wow, boy am i glad i\'ve been a listener for a long time now, or i would not have \"ripples\" i came to av alisten and theres nuffin here!!! haha. sooo when you commin out wif a new song??! how is everyfin going love? Aug 20
  • Pdanielmataman said:
    Hey evan just checking in...making sure you KICKING SOME SERIOUS ASS!!! sorry. i support the military. i like the new songs. keep up the great work Aug 14
  • said:
    \"nerual\" very nice. how have you been?? xx Aug 13
  • Sonictronic said:
    Hey man, thanks for the kind words. Your talent really shows in your music. Keep in touch. Aug 10
  • said:
    wonderful. xx Jul 15

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