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A glance at Two Good news Apps For The iPhone 4S

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The iPhone 4S is a hugely popular mobile phone that advantages of the massive selection of additional applications that are available from the iTunes App Store. While many people like to make use of this plan to download the latest games and puzzles quite a few users prefer to use their phone to keep up up to now using the latest news from around the world. There are many excellent news applications available but we check out a couple of our favourite apps with this superb device.

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AP Mobile is one of our favourite news applications for that iPhone 4S. Many newspapers and news stations cannot afford to have journalists in every major city in the world awaiting a major news story to break. Instead these services depend on freelance journalists and several of these work for the Associated Press. These journalists and reporters deliver their stories to major channels and outlets that are in turn broadcast to the public. The AP Mobile application reduces the middle man by delivering these news items directly to your cell phone. While there is this type of large volume of content available this application can occasionally feel a bit more complex than many others that are available however it does deliver countless stories from across the globe. The applying includes video links and photographic content. For people who desire a wide selection of unbiased news stories and reports AP Mobile may prove an ideal application.

If you would rather stick with a more popular service then your BBC News application for the iPhone 4S is one of the best available. The BBC are based in England but have built a great reputation for providing news on a global scale. The BBC News website includes a massive choice of stories but this can prove somewhat difficult to navigate on the 3.5 inch screen and that's where the official application is useful. The main news stories are presented in a manner that is more ideal for a mobile display and also the interface is very easy to navigate. Among the really attractive aspects of this software would be the customisation options it purports to the users. If you are not really thinking about politics however, you prefer to keep an eye on the most recent sport news you can choose what submissions are displayed on the main page. This protects you amount of time in locating the stories that are relevant to you. The BBC News application is available for free from the iTunes App Store.

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There are several very good news apps available for the iPhone 4S but AP Mobile and BBC News are a couple of our favourites. AP Mobile may offer a wider selection of stories but the BBC services offers a more polished interface with increased in the way of customisation options.

Posted May 23, 2012 at 11:10am