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Genres: Acoustic / Pop

Location: Glassell, CA

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4 tracks

all 9 tracks are downloadable :)



  • Mike Hart WavaFlowStudios said:
    Hey girl! I really dig your sound and your voice! If you ever need any recordings let me know! I work out of Wava Flow Studios in LA at the moment and would love to work together! -WavaFlow.com -Soundcloud.com/HartBeatStudios -MikeWavaFlow@gmail.com Nov 07
  • Waleila said:
    I was so moved by your song, and your voice. Keep on doing it. :) Aug 28
  • Rach said:
    Definitely continue your music. :) Jun 21
  • Kristine Drake said:
    wow i love your music!(: Jun 15
  • ..lauraā™«elizabeth.. said:
    wow this is really great, you have a lot of talent..I'd say invest in some quality mics and software and you'd be set. :) good luck! Jun 09
  • Aimee said:
    You have something called... Talent! :) Jun 08
  • Justinne said:
    when i'm around you is freakin awesome! :) Jun 07
  • killcoustic said:
    i love it! i love it! Jun 06
  • Andre Walker said:
    You have such a soothingly beautiful voice, I'm definitely a fan of your music! Oh and whats up? Hows Cali this time of year? Jun 05
  • carlie said:
    i loooove your music, and i agree with the previous comment hah, i LOVE your hat. you're very talented! hope you're having a good day x Jun 04
  • Maria said:
    Hey there. :) I have a few things to say. 1. I love your hat. Just sayin. I have a green one like it, but it's just not the same. Purple owns. 2. You have an amazing voice. It's very smooth and sweet. I love it! 3. My favorite songs are When I'm Around You, Pushaway, and Zabyke. Awesome songs!! 4. I'm definitely a fan. :) Jun 04
  • ORegoneĀ® said:
    I Love time, zabyke and staywithme, Honestly, im just not so into pushaway. Rad music anyway!! Apr 17
  • gabe said:
    :D love pushaway Apr 16
  • clairecupcake said:
    i love it!:) staywithme is my favorite(: keep it up for sure! Apr 12


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