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Genres: Pop / Indie / Rock

Location: Baltimore, MD

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4 tracks

Members: Laurie Huebschman, Lee Cumberland, Neal Karkhanis, Paul Martinez, Kevin Krause

Arden- The Big Picture Artwork

"The Big Picture" was released April 2, 2010. Featuring 8 tracks with soaring melodies amid a piano driven rhythm section, Arden takes cues from other acts as various as the Beach Boys and Ben Folds.

The new record is a complete DIY effort, with the production, engineering, and mixing being handled by the band at bassist Lee Cumberland's Merseyside Studios. Freedom in the recording studio has equated to a collection of songs that aren't afraid to explore new musical territory. The upbeat, horn-infused sounds of "A Slow Spiral Geoffrey" lend clarity and weight to more sparsely produced and thoughtful tracks such as "Grow!" and "Meet Me at Glen Rock."

In the words of guitarist Kevin Krause, "the new record is really about exploring our own musical appetites and creating music that is lasting and meaningful to us."

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  • HanSeL said:
    crickets and weather patterns ...really amazing, and a slow spirall geoffrey is the best Mar 10
  • Crystal said:
    I just can't get enough of A Slow Spiral Geoffrey. Apr 24
  • carly the vicious. said:
    I still want lyrics for The Pursuit. D: Aug 04
  • steph said:
    heyy guyz thx for the request you sound great :) Jun 04
  • Anne D. said:
    A Slow Spiral Geoffrey... Great song!! Thank you :] Love your music!! I have to finish setting up my profile on here. Anne (Shutterbug) May 11
  • sherrybaby5587@yahoo.com said:
    you were right....i'm lovin the music ;D Apr 28
  • kris.azar@yahoo.com said:
    hey i made an account haha...i DLed ur song its my new shit =] Apr 28
  • fish said:
    you guys rock!! Feb 16
  • :) said:
    whoa! i love your music (: Jan 16
  • OriginalKingK said:
    I think you guys need to change the pics. or has Neal been staying out of the sun? Dec 20
  • Strumming Life Away said:
    heard u guys r comin to the next bash, se ya there May 06
  • Strumming Life Away said:
    ur three track CD is ggod, and u rocked at the bel air bash. hope u guys get that bus. l8r Jan 14
  • Aaron said:
    Hey, im that kid that asked you for ur number @ bel air bash...lol..and u signed my arm.....P.S this is for Laurie Jan 07
  • HIMnightmare said:
    Dec 17
  • cheerbaby119 said:
    what happened to pop punk song i really liked i . i even recorded it as my ringtone lol i was tryin to be original Nov 13

The Big Picture

Apr 02, 2010

The Pursuit

May 27, 2007


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