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Architecture Of Aggression

Four new songs by Architecture of Aggression.


Genres: Death Metal / Progressive / Metal

Location: South Africa

Stats: 1 fans / 153 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Anton Alberts, William Bishop, Van Alberts


Lauded as S.A's heaviest and most brutal band, Architecture Of Aggression consists of a three man demolition team and is respected/reviled throughout the S.A metal community. More infamous than famous, known for their outspokenness on subjects ranging from censorship, politics to matters of religion. They are well respected for their musical prowess and technicality as well as a strong sense of groove and have influences ranging from deathmetal through to jazz and proggressive rock!
Monsters on stage, their live shows are hectic and their mosh pits are legendary! Come see what all the hype is about.... if you dare. www.aoa666.com

"In South Africa we will show you fear in a handful of rust. As religious fundamentalism and rabid nationalism loses its grip on the darling moonfaced youth of our country, all over we are increasingly becoming participants in the macabre miracle that is heavy metal, where before we were only spectators. From among numberless mulleted lawns of an otherwise obscenely boring suburbia, a thousand guttural growls shake themselves loose, each aching to translate a reality viewed through blood-spattered glasses. At the vanguard of this proud new movement towers the smouldering, pulsating demonic engine that is Architechture of Aggression. AOA is the moment the first stone hits the fear-maddened face, the instant the burning man's head explodes like a hissing brainflower. It is a column of sulphur and brimstone in the desert a hellish oasis beckoning all free minds closer for a hit. Approach, acolytes, join in unholy communion and be gorged on the blood of this brutal Goatgod from Hell" - Frater Nihilius