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Pros and Cons of Cooktop Options in Nyc and Westchester

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Youre in the market for a brand new cooktop and dont know which choice is best for your lifestyle. According to whether you are a home chef, merely a regular home cook, or someone that opts for safety first in most things, you can find a cooktop that suits your cooking needs along with your budget.

Gas Burner Cooktops
Chefs prefer gas burner cooktops because heat could be controlled exactly and immediately. Though home cooks might be annoyed that finding a pan of water to boil takes beyond other cooktop options. No special cookware is essential, and when turned off, the heater cools quickly. Gas burner cooktops will be the least expensive to purchase and to operate since gas is cheaper than electricity.
    Heat can be controlled specifically and instantly
    Accommodates all pan sizes and cookware materials
    Best combined with round flat based pans
    Least expensive option to purchase
    Least expensive to operate
    Heating is slower

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Electric Coil Cooktops
Home cooks might prefer electric coil cooktops because the coils heat quickly and cook food evenly. The coils accommodate any kind of cookware. The tradeoff is coils retain heat despite changing the temperature setting or turning them off completely. Care must be taken with childrens curious hands or animals that may jump onto the surface. Food spills can be quite a nightmare to clean.
    Heats quickly and evenly
    Accommodates all pan shapes, sizes, and cookware materials
    Heat temperature change takes a while to take affect
    Burners retain heat when climate is changed or turned off
    Spills are hard to clean on and under the coils
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Electric Induction Cooktops
Electric induction cooktops help electromagnetic coils located beneath a smooth ceramic glass surface. Heat is distributed directly to the cookware as the surface of the cooktop stays cool that is ideal for you if safety factors a concern. Heating is quick and specific and spills are a piece of cake to clean. The downside is that you must use cookware specifically made for induction cooktops.

    Heats quicker than coils
    The cooktop remains cool during and after cooking
    Spills are easy to clean
    Wont accommodate ceramic, aluminum, or copper pans
    Special stainless steal cookware should have flat bottoms
    Dents in cookware will undermine cooking efficiency
    More expensive than additional options

Gas burner cooktops are great if youre a home chef or within a strict budget. Electric coil cooktops are perfect for home cooks who would like to cook a quick, no-nonsense meal. Electric Induction Cooktops are fantastic if youre a parent and desire the safety and quick cleanup in the cool flat surface and have the money to spend on the cooktop and new cookware.

Once youve made your choice and installed your brand-new cooktop, have a reputable repair shop in your area on speed dial. The equipment doctor of NYC and Westchester performs appliance repair in Manhattan, Bronx, and White Plains.


Posted Oct 31, 2015 at 2:18am