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Keep those Kitchen Appliances Hidden – Some Sleek Ideas

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The blender, the toaster, the mixer, the microwave: That’s merely the beginning of the type of items that happen to clutter up the kitchen countertops. Could be a good time to find a hiding spot for them all.

But, you’re thinking that if you place the appliances into cabinets, where are you going to put the stuff that’s currently filling those cabinets?

You can utilize some incredible swing-out shelving that even a relatively basic handy person will know how to install. That way, you can store the smaller appliances on the shelves towards the rear while retaining the stuff you use more regularly towards the front.


Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

The corner carousel is like a trash can. Almost everything that lands in there is there until it’s dead. But the pullout drawers are always going to be our best friend. Take the Tupperware out of the pull-out drawer and place it elsewhere, and then you can use the space to store a toaster, toaster oven, waffle iron, and maybe a cake pop maker, too.

One of the coolest things around right now is the stand mixer lift. You’ve probably walked across your kitchen from one corner to the other with a mixer in your arms and praying to the Almighty that you don’t drop it onto your foot. Well, that need no longer be the case, since the mixer lift is your key to success.

If that’s still not quite enough or you just don’t fancy the thought of any of those options, you might also try an appliance garage within your kitchen. In most cases, this is still going to be taking up valuable countertop space. Nevertheless, it is, at least, going to be hiding a few of your appliances.

You might wish to opt for a smaller cabinet that matches well to your current style and then rework or install it onto the countertop in the form of an appliance garage.

Providing you use the right rigging, you can change out the doorway from the normal, swing-open type to a door that lifts up. This way, you’ll allow for maximum space usage.

For more space, get yourself a tall, narrow cabinet and install it on its side. This can then hold the microwave, and you can also stash those extra, smaller appliances or some food beside it. Try to remain with your current kitchen style once more, or get yourself a cabinet that not only compliments but also perhaps updates the entire appearance.


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Posted Nov 16, 2015 at 4:50am