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Apparatus Inn


Genres: Emo / Punk

Location: Newcastle, Australia

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Members: Aidan, Travis, James, Stewart, mikka

"it's only after you've lost everything, that you're free to do anything."
Decay is inherent in all things. Be sure to strive with clarity of mind" for nirvana
(we are apparatus inn, this is our first demo, let us know if u like it)

"from the upcoming e.p"
(victom of a stolen youth) -lyrics

We don't stand a chance out here
Return the keys and walk it off
It distorts the way we think to steer
The way we're never ever near
The time it takes to crash again
Will take us back where we began
A tragic way to go so young
We're cradled as our youth is swung

And every time I close my eyes
The shattered glass shines bloodshot sky's
And all the time we cried for you
We're reminded that we died then too

Here the sound of the crash
One acing victim of whiplash
Drown me in the sorrow of the youth we lost
Sirens singing in our ears
Ghostly voices of our peers
Drown me in the sorrow of the youth we lost

We don't stand a chance out here
Its like a war zone in battle
We asphyxiate unsettling fear
And it haunts the way we think to steer
Eventually we'll let this go
Remorse will fade and we will glow
A tragic way to go so young
You were cradled as your youth was swung

Your gone goodbye
We're going to miss you


  • ardy444 said:
    Hey what\'s up? Apr 07
  • TeegiiMONSTUHH said:
    Soundin good guys. keep rockin Apr 07
  • boominator said:
    u guys rock Oct 14
  • A-v-r-i-L said:
    hey guys, u guys r sooo awsum! wow its been a while since ive been on purevolume to listen to u guys! yer keep up da good work. love Avril May 05

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