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Apollo's Listening


Genres: Other / Electronic / House

Location: Victoria, BC

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4 tracks

Members: Ryan (Synth,Guitars, Programming, Sampling)

Wow...What a year! Ummm... New musics are in the works, a bit darker...A bit different... Wait and see!

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Apollo's Listening is the brainchild of me, Ryan Alaric. My friends call me Rye and I much prefer that than Ryan. Anyway, I make music. Music that has been spawned from the deep dark corners of my mind that should never really see the light of day but do for some unforseeable reason. I have played guitar in other bands before, until recently, when I grew sick and tired of being the bitch for my other bands. So I thought, "Screw them! I'll make my own music the way I want it!"

After a few bumps and scrapes I was on my feet, and running. Running to make my own sound...

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  • femmecougar said:
    I like it bravo ! :) Dec 22
  • [Alfredo]™ said:
    damn these are some crazy ass beats keep doin what you do rye.... May 29
  • hallibehs said:
    are you still doing this? i wonder. Jul 25
  • hallibehs said:
    are you still doing this? i wonder. Jul 25
  • mangosattack said:
    Cool BEATS, Apr 06
  • chixdigdrummers said:
    i like your stuff alot. Nov 01
  • winyourloss said:
    Add Comment here... Sep 10
  • karaboo said:
    mad crazy skeez bang bang sugar pop a drop! i am likin that mix a lot! homie slice r-town got tha beats that bring you down...down...down like a mad money making sound. now big r-bro it\'s time to paint this town. paint it like you aint got no frown. paint it till the sun comes down. for you dont need no dirt bags in your life. kelsey sluts who cause you strife. take my gun and bring your knife. we will end this crazy life. now im loving your music and i\'ll tell you this. turn that frown into your crown. little king behind ryans sound. alaric is ruler of all things. take your beats and wear some blings. bring it to the record shop. where you will give heart attacks and the kids will stop. for you are my biggest hero. i feed these lines to grow some ego. find a lady and bring her home. where she will sit in her little queen throne. ryan i heart you and always will. i am no rapper but i do have skill... Aug 18
  • orangegarden6 said:
    dgs WOW!!! i usaully get bored of house music cause it\'s the same beats over and over!! but you definetly know how to keep the music alive!!! i love it!!! can\'t wait for some new stuff!!! Jul 30
  • ma said:
    great energy in your stuff man! makes me wanna jump arnd and mess up my hair Jun 28
  • moonbliss said:
    hey, awesome sounds, you deserve more credit. :D Jun 19
  • hallibehs said:
    I joined Purevolume in october of 2004 and I never made a comment on anyone\'s page untill know. omgyay Jun 14
  • pocketsizedjess said:
    holy cow you\'re fucking amazing. this stuff makes me want to do E haha i love it. Jun 06
  • black in white with red all over said:
    ur new song is ssoooo fucking good, i admire u man ur good! May 20
  • xteenagelover said:
    Add Comment here... May 17


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