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  • zacksparrow™ said:
    i'm sorry, the guitar work on turn it down makes me want to jump off 50 story buildings and like do a little "praise God" throwdown. dude, it's insanity! i love it!!!! Jun 01
  • Dakota said:
    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! I love your instrumentals, and your lyrics. Vocals are pretty sicckk too. Keep it up. Your message must reach Christians everywhere!!!! May 15
  • hopecore.com supporter said:
    hey thank you again so so much for supporting! May 12
  • xGRUDAbaracudax said:
  • Chaise said:
    wow u guys rock! you sound so similar to Becoming the Arctype....do u know of them? Apr 04
  • jo said:
    you guys were amazing at facedown fest. your guitarist are amazing. keep up the good work and your name is freakin sweet Apr 01
  • mat[928] said:
  • Of God's Shadows said:
    love the complexity and guitarist skill, it is nice to hear metal out of the norm you guys need to get down to SD Ca this summer! Mar 23
  • ShewbieWonder said:
    :) Mar 18
  • Gordon77 said:
    I Love Dozer So Much I Love All Your Merch You CD is A Piece of Pure Perfection I love You Freakin Much See Ya On The Dance Floor Feb 18
  • we are the prada said:
    why are thay holding up trophies Feb 14
  • SilenceTheOppressors said:
    i LOVE your new cd! it is amazing! I can\'t wait until you come out with more! and your shirts are the best band t-shirts i\'ve ever seen! they are so awesome and original! God Bless and i hope you all have a great day! Feb 12
  • SilenceTheOppressors said:
    You guys are too freaking amazing for words! ;) I love all of your music! your new cd is absolutely a masterpiece of heavy metal goodness! lol! and i love all of your new merch! it is so amazing! just what i\'d want from you guys! and God Bless you guys for doing all that you are for Christ! it\'s an amazing thing! Jan 26
  • cracker117 said:
    The guitar in A Hymn Of Praise is freaken awsome Dec 14
  • Fallingoutofchair said:
    Dude HxC and Christain is like PB and J they always go. Just check out TDWP. Dec 13
  • Fallingoutofchair said:
    Dude HxC and Christain is like PB and J they always go. Just check out TDWP. Dec 13
  • its timmy riz yo!?!?!!??? said:
    saw you guys a few days ago in bako cali you guys were amazing God will use you more than you know just keep going strong peace brothers Dec 12
  • Wewill said:
    Add Comment here... Nov 29
  • said:
    Dude. you can\'t be hardcore AND christian. they\'re total opposites. Oct 22
  • xDOUGx said:
    That pic w/ Andy holdin\' the speaker up on stage is freakin\' bad. Don\'t stop! Oct 19