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  • Micah Brill said:
    What's up dudes? Jan 11
  • Smiley said:
    keep it up Apr 25
  • Jack said:
    Hey guys if you're into heavy shit like APFP check out Winds of Plague's new album titled "Against the World" I just picked up a copy at Best Buy. Cost me 7 Bucks and worth the money most definitely. There is also a free track up on itunes for download! Apr 19
  • JeffreyMAY said:
    :) Feb 23
  • Hayley said:
    solid beats Feb 05
  • Cesar said:
    I saw them for Scream the Prayer III and its was awesome as well these guys really know how to throw a good show Jan 11
  • Bethany :) said:
    I saw them a little while ago, they are damn amazing live. Dec 16
  • Abigaile said:
    You guys were AMAZING at Purple Door in PA (: Aug 31
  • Cullen Pancak said:
    You guys played a great show the other night in Cookville. I love you guys, can't wait to see you guys again. May 03
  • Jared Kolb.... Options man said:
    dozzeerrrrrrr! hell yeah Apr 30
  • At Dodge City said:
    Be sure to check out the BAND "At Dodge City" here on purevolume. And Tell them What You Think!!!! Apr 28
  • Hayy Its Erin! ♫ said:
    I just saw your guys last night at Coaches in Centerburg!!! XD You guys played the best crowd-moving show I have ever seen! You are my FAVORITE BAND!!! :) Thanks! Apr 26
  • ĸαte♥ said:
    YOU WERE AMAZING AT LOUDHOUSE!! :) I Hope you get to come back again, soon! Apr 22
  • allxaboutxthexmusic said:
    hey. whats up? Apr 22
  • ectic sk8 team kenny cook lol =D said:
    sick =D Mar 03
  • carl(sigh) said:
    dude i friggin love you guys, ANDY YOUR A BEAST!!!! and mr.wand ROCK ON! Feb 05
  • Mercedes said:
    you guys need to come to jefferson sooon! please. Feb 03
  • ZigZag said:
    I love your music guys. Keep it up :D Jan 25
  • xXPhillMcDXx said:
    hope you guys can make it to Canada soon again! last time you were in winnipeg you played in a bar. bit of a problem for me. Jan 18
  • Dalton Watkins said:
    You guys were rock solid in Dallas on the Scream the Prayer tour. Please come back soon. Dec 18