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A Plan Of Action


Genres: Emo / Rock / Post Hardcore

Location: Ionia, MI

Stats: 16 fans / 1,320 plays / 6 plays today






Members: Kyle Epps, Riley Eddington Marion, Matthew Delbert Howard, Troy Spencer Vanhouten, Ryan Patrick Muscott

Five guys from Ionia, Michigan.
Kyle Epps: lead vocals
Riley Marion: lead guitar
Matt Howard: bass and vocals
Troy VanHouten: rhythm guitar
Ryan Muscott: percussion

Plan of Action, a relatively new band from Ionia, Michigan, are no more than five guys just hanging out and playing music that they love. The band started out with Ryan and Riley playing tunes down in Ryan's basement. After a little while, Matt Howard was added to the band as a second guitarist. Later on, yet another line-up change occurred as Dana came along and began playing rhythm guitar while Matt moved to the bass. After some time in the recording studio, the band released a four song demo.. but things quickly began to slow down, as school, work and sports took a toll on the band's progress. Realizing that they needed a new direction, InClosing switched their name to Plan of Action, and added the marvelous vocalist Kyle Epps to the band. With all of the singing duties now in his hands, the band began focusing on more technical and heavy riffs. Heavily influnced by the dual singing from Taking Back Sunday and the harmonies of Finch's first cd(What it is to Burn), Plan of Action quickly began to write music. Armed with recording equipment in drummer Ryan Muscott's basement, Plan recently sat down and layed down a four song demo called the Memories E.P. It features four new songs with a nice mixture of melodic singing, emotional screaming, and catchy riffs. The demo is available for $5, and can be purchased by contacting any of the members of the band. The band's new lineup is now set, with guitarist Troy "ManHouten" VanHouten taking the place of Dana Warren. Keep your ear to the ground and come check out our upcoming shows with Troy. Plan of Action is here to stay, ready to rock off faces with post-hardcore/emo music played to perfection.


Listen to us and enjoy.
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  • Tarzan22 said:
    dood i love the guitar in the beginning its an awsome tone!!! May 22
  • amymeb66 said:
    ionia free fair. 6/25. guess where i\'ll be then? just guess. May 14
  • -shadygal1928- said:
    awwwww i love love love LOVE this song :) Apr 30
  • -shadygal1928- said:
    woooo i\'ll be listening!!! Apr 25
  • -shadygal1928- said:
    that last comment was really kinky. LOVE YOU GUYS Apr 18
  • amymeb66 said:
    hey sexys! how\'s life going? i\'m kind of disappointed that i missed a concert. damn cruise. i miss you guys! awww. Apr 11
  • .:.:.:.:.:.:Lmulholland:.:.:.:.:.:. said:
    Yes i get to actually see you guys play tomorow!! I am excited (though matt dosent bealive that i\'m excited) Mar 31
  • -shadygal1928- said:
    i Mar 31
  • -shadygal1928- said:
    i see you took off two of your songs that i worked so hard to put up... thaaaaaaaaanks. Mar 29
  • amymeb66 said:
    heeeeey Mar 28
  • -shadygal1928- said:
    well i was gonna send you guys a message on here but it looks like i can\'t because i\'m only a listener... maybe i should start a band on purevolume just to be friends with you guys and send you official, band information on messages... but till then, i\'ll just leave comments. when\'s the battle of the bands?? Mar 26
  • -shadygal1928- said:
    he obviously wasn\'t drunk. don\'t take it so personally, matt. SORRY DANA. WE LOVE YOU. Mar 23
  • .:.:.:.:.:.:Lmulholland:.:.:.:.:.:. said:
    Here we are...Canada??? Umm what the hell? Was someone drunk when they wrote that? Mar 23
  • .:.:.:.:.:.:Lmulholland:.:.:.:.:.:. said:
    Yes music finally!! Mar 21
  • .:.:.:.:.:.:Lmulholland:.:.:.:.:.:. said:
    Me and Dainelle Vote South Division or Rosetta Sky. Mar 21

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