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Genres: Hardcore / Metal

Location: Montreal, QC

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5 tracks

Members: Yan, Carl, Kevin, Luc and Frank

"War Of Aggression"

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Strength Through Vengeance. Seldom has an album title so perfectly defined the sound and thematic imperative of a band as well as A Perfect Murders choice for their second album. The sheer rage expressed unilaterally in their lyrics and bruising musical attack is controlled and precise as a scalpel, carving slices of classic thrash metal, southern sludge and hardcore; a steely testament to its purifying power. The bands declaration of war against enemies great and small, from the personal to organized religion, pours down on the listener like an avalanche, but their heaviness never bogs down, due to the bands sharp sense of dynamics and guitarist Carl Bouchards incendiary soloing, drawing from influences like Metallica, Pantera and Testament.

The album is an impressive accomplishment for a group of musicians who might have never met, much less played together. A Perfect Murder was formed in Montreal in 2000. After recording Blood Covered Words and Cease To Suffer, the band signed to Victory Records and set to work on Unbroken, released in 2004 to rave reviews. Touring with Bury Your Dead, Love Is Red and Between the Buried and Me put the band in front of like-minded audiences driving the excitement for these newcomers on the U.S. scene. But full time touring was not in the cards for some of the band, who were juggling full time jobs and families... READ MORE HERE.

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    the vocals beggining to war of aggresion reminds me of something phil would do. keep it pantera keep it southern Aug 15
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War Of Aggression

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