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Genres: Emo / Pop Punk

Location: New York, NY

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Alternative Press Play Volume 1 will benefit The Keep A Breast Foundation! www.keep-a-breast.org

When Mike Shea started ALTERNATIVE PRESS on his mother's kitchen table more than 22 years ago, he was reacting against the choices that left him bored to the pain threshold. Don't like the crap you hear on radio? Pick up a guitar and do something. Don't want to wear the same off-the-rack clothes as everyone else? Fire up a sewing machine and get behind the seams. It's the same reason why you picked up this particular disc, and not one featuring some faceless halfwit yarling about how hard it is to be a rock star with all the resonance of a box of breakfast cereal.

For us at AP, Press Play is more than just a cool compilation. Sure, the Used's "Panic" would be our choice to replace "The Star Spangled Banner" if we were made America's governing body for life. And under our watch, traffic cops would give you a complete pass, no questions asked, if you were jamming the Dillinger Escape Plan's "Panasonic Youth" while tryin' t' break a new land speed record on the nation's highways. Besides being the best meal your MP3 player could ever have, this collection signifies the rise of a scene whose participants realize that every generation needs its own culture; not their parents', older siblings' or for that matter, one created for them by well-paid marketing consultants. It's the very spirit that AP has worked hard to foster and convey when other media outlets didn't want to know, didn't want to care and sure as hell didn't want to respect.

The whole rubric of "contemporary punk" has more subgenres than a corporate polluter has attorneys to hide behind. We've heard 'em all: punk, pop-punk, hardcore, post-hardcore, emo, screamo, metalcore, spazz-core and another hundred permutations in between. It's all kinda pointless to argue who's "real" or who, God forbid, is a "sellout." Because, as you read this, someone is getting a beatdown simply because he has blue hair and dares to listen to both Fall Out Boy and Bouncing Souls. Just like in the mid-'80s when Mike Shea wanted to know what the Circle Jerks and the Smiths were up to, AP strives to inform you of the news about the bands and culture that mean something to you, and not dismissive rock critics or the vacuous creeps who work at commercial radio.

We'd like to think of Press Play as a snapshot in the evolution of a culture that replenishes itself. We can only wonder where the bands-and the fans-will take us next. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

02 > Say Anything "A WALK THROUGH HELL" (RARE)
03 > The Used "PAIN" (EXCLUSIVE)
04 > Gym Class Heroes "SHELL SHOCK" (RARE)
05 > Every Time I Die "RENDEZ-VOODOO"
06 > Paramore "MY HERO" (REMIX)
07 > As Tall As Lions "UNDERBELLY" (EXCLUSIVE)
08 > Head Automatica "Laughing At You" (Live)
10 > Sparta "BORN AND BURIED" (RARE)
11 > The Dillinger Escape Plan "PANASONIC YOUTH"
12 > The Matches "YOU (DON'T) KNOW ME" (REMIX)
13> Cute is What we Aim For "MOAN" (LIVE)
14 > Hit The Lights "Stick up" (EXCLUSIVE)
17 > Panic! at the Disco "BUILD GOD, THEN WE'LL TALK" (LIVE)



  • andrew manly said:
    Hi I have added your songs to my play list they are nice keep up the good work, please let me know your facebook,myspace accounts link i want to add you there you can also add me on www.partyave.com/andrew , facebook.com/andrewnewyork. Jul 29
  • -X_(hello universe)_X- said:
    HEY! YOU SHOULD REALLY LISTEN TO..... purevolume.com/amilliontinyanchors Jul 01
  • Geane said:
    *--* http://www.purevolume.com/safelove Jun 16
  • idprluis7 said:
    Check out "In Dependence" from Puerto Rico to you http://www.purevolume.com/idpr http://www.myspace.com/idpr http://www.facebook.com/idpridpr May 25
  • gloom_bug said:
    I love the remixes. Mar 18
  • the_unnamed said:
    good mix, but i dont think the matches and the aparamore remixes are at all okay. they r my 2 fave bands tho :) Feb 10
  • lady mizty said:
    Hey guys im new here im mizty and im single and im looking 4 friends ..pls add me up and tnx to all my friends about telling the band SKYHAWK DRIVE...You have to listen to that awesome band before you add me..tnxx...SKYHAWK DRIVE is the best band... Feb 08
  • danetots said:
    i love et!!.:) Dec 05
  • Dubtown said:
    Love what AP had to say about the new Used record. I definitely bought that album because of your review! Aug 31
  • RomanceIsDead said:
    you need some downloads! c: Jan 20
  • jozedu said:
    Hey ! guys I'm Jozedu ...!This is Eltriomasuno ! www.purevolume.com/eltriomazuno ! Thankz !...Waiting Comments ! ;) Jan 19
  • Heidi Heartattack said:
    ‡♥‡ Jan 16
  • H@ley™ said:
    I love Panic live. They are so amazing. :] One of my favorite songs by them too. Aug 16
  • Otaviuh arthur way said:
    Emotional... Jun 08
  • casanhy said:
    wow. Mar 07

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