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Men's Ties - How To Choose The Perfect Tie

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If you are considering investing in a men's tie as a gift for somebody you realize but are not sure which tie to select, there are several tips that will help you choose. Men's ties come in all sorts of design options including colors, shapes, sizes and materials. The tie you select will likely depend on the preferred choice of the man you're shopping for but there are several general tie shopping guidelines.

The colour in men ties is essential. The color from the tie that's worn will represent the man who's wearing it. With several thousand-color combination to choose from, it is a good idea to select one that can be worn for any occasion. Solid colors can virtually be worn anywhere and still look fabulous. Often, a man who's going to work in an office will wear solids like White, Blue or Black. On the other hand, for any formal occasion, the tie could be Black, Silver or gold. For individuals who operate in the entertainment industry or similar, they might wish to wear a "louder" tie.

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Men ties are available with designs and patterns. The tie can be striped, dotted or crossed. Additionally, it may contain images or letters. Many of these ties wouldn't be suited to a very formal or business like event but, it just depends on the man's preference and personality. For the man who is a bit more serious, the "funny" or "wild" ties would likely 't be the ideal choice. If the man is more outgoing and loves to stick out or get people to laugh then, undoubtedly a tie with different colored spots or cartoon animals will be a wise choice for him.

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Another point to consider when selecting may be the material, so it is made of. Ties can come in any material imaginable from Silk to Cotton, Jean to Polyester as well as Nylon. Silk ties are simple to maintain as they do not require ironing but have to be taken to the dry cleaners to clean. Although Silk ties cost you a bit more, they're very elegant looking. Cotton ties are more common and can need a good ironing before wearing. Jean ties are not those common but for the very unique and old fashioned guy they're perfect.

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The very last thing you should consider when choosing your tie is what kind of tie you will obtain. There are short and long ties, wide and skinny ties and even bow ties. Short ties would be more suited for a shorter man while longer ties would work better for any taller man. Wide and skinny ties would work similarly. Although, some guys have stopped wearing the wide ties altogether, bow ties are suitable just for special or very formal occasions.

Once you have chosen which tie is just right for your special man, make sure to obtain a gift receipt in case. This way, if they are too embarrassed to say that it does not suit them, they can exchange it for one that like instead of letting it sit in their closet unworn.

Posted May 16, 2012 at 11:51am