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Genres: Pop / Ambient / Rock

Location: Cypress, TX

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Members: All instruments by Antherius

On the Artistic side, the "Antherius Project" stems from one man's personal desire to create original and unique instrumental musical compositions that will be enjoyed by many listeners.

On the Technical front, the artist's goal was to personally execute all the necessary "links in the chain" -- from the composition of the music itself, through the performance of each instrument, engineering, arranging, studio mixdowns, and final mastering. A broad and significant goal indeed, but increasingly possible in recent years given ever-sophisticated synthesizer technologies, powerful PCs, and hair-splitting software tools that handle digital sequencing, effects, and mixing. The resultant product is a series of original works that have evolved from concept to reality entirely in the digital domain which maximizes the overall sound quality among other factors.

But more importantly the Music is the best aspect of Antherius work and there is a very unique blend of sounds, arrangements, and presentation, all within a mainstream arena. Antherius credits many rock/pop/ambient artists for their influence towards his work, with particular mention to the Moody Blues, Tangerine Dream, ELO, Enya, Chris Spheeris, and Kraftwerk. The musical genres that fit Antherius compositions are principally Rock (Adult Alternative), Electronica, and New Age; however, the upcoming album has a few Ambient and Dance/Pop selections as well. His synth-based instrument manifest includes acoustic and electric guitars, brass and string sections, celestes, a cathedral-resident leslie organ (sometimes with a few choir "members"), rock and ambient drum sets, numerous orchestral and ethnic percussions, along with complex ambient textures. A unique complement indeed, but performances that fit well in many different environments including casual listening, European-style clubs, background entertainment, and a few for simply driving down the highway.



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Oct 24, 2017


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Jan 01, 2006


Angleton, TX

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2006 New York City plane crash, United States


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