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Antares Sky (TX)


Genres: Post Hardcore / Rock / Pop

Location: San Antonio, TX

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4 tracks

Members: Ben Hammer, David Lightning, Leroy 666, Austin Thunder, Dailen Dakota the 5th& Augie Pain

In hopes of bridging the gap between every scene with their distinct sound; Leroy, David, Auggie, Ben and Dailen of Antares Sky have made quite the name for themselves in and around Texas. Having established themselves rather quickly by playing with nearly 60 national acts in San Antonio alone, their fan-base is growing by the day. The energy that fuels their crowds is nothing less than the equivalence of insanity, and you can see it and feel it when you watch the crowd. Antares Sky blends their own taste of hardcore, emo-core fury, and amazing indie musical works, without compromising the quality and integrity of their music. They do what they love: make music and have fun. Watch out for these guys, they're working their way to the top at lightning speed, and you definitely do not want to let them pass you by.

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  • Mendozaster said:
    October 6th 2014 Antares Sky reunion show at Korova San Antonio Tx !!!!!! Nov 11
  • Leroy said:
    Why does vulture vs. quail don't work(man I miss playing this song, so fun live) Mar 30
    this is what you wanted...like these...your love...yeah Mar 17
  • xelapio said:
    im your big fan here in philippines.. XD you guys rocks.. \m/ ^_^ Mar 12
  • jonny said:
    can you put "maybe jupiter" and "backseat romance" on the player Jul 13
  • blueflame84 said:
    K I AM SO SORRY YOU GUYS BUT SERIOUSLY!!! Everytime I play your songs for my friends they absolutely love it...I am From saskatoon, SK canada...MY phone number is 1 (306) 261 - 9102..You guys have to come to canada and start a tour or something...Open for some local bands or something...I stumbled upon you guys on the internet one day and trust me...Your music ( the little songs you have) are cherished everywhere I know...and by everyone I know...your guys music is amazing...please take a trip away from texas and come see is :) Are city is really gorgeous...plz get back to me guys...my Name is Tyler...thanks guys...and good luck in the future!! Nov 19

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