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Genres: Pop / Rock / Indie

Location: Chicago, IL

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Members: Tim Trsar, Petey Rivera, Drew Ray, Scott Trsar

Unfortunately Another Tragic Story is dead.

The Fictional Story about the Breakup.
While Petey was sipping on some whiskey in the back seat of the mini van, Tim decided to change the song that was playing. Drew didn't agree and they got themselves in a battle rap. Somewhere between the painful punchlines and the alcohol Scott decided he wanted to join in too. As Scott rapped his little heart out, he noticed all he was getting into was one big kill. Because lets face it, Scott cannot rap for the life of him. So Petey came out of no where and DDT'ed his ass. But considering they were in a van it didn't have much effect. As Drew and Tim were still going at it. Petey decided it would be a great idea to bash Scott's head into the steering wheel with his bass. That caused the car to slip out of control. And the last words that came out of their mouths while falling of a cliff was. "We're the fucking outbreaks!"

Their spirits still continue to play in THE OUTBREAKS

Check them out!



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