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Genres: Post Hardcore / Screamo / Rock

Location: N Hollywood, CA

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4 tracks

Members: Raffi "Revolver" Flores, Mason Beal Webb, Johno Lutfalah, Anthony Reserva, Raven Flores

From Los Angeles, California, Another Rising's explosive sound is inspired by a wide variety of musical influences, from hardcore, metal, emo, indie, pop punk, and rock and roll. With high energy and infectious joy, Another Rising's dynamic live performances have delighted audiences across all parts of the U.S. The boys of Another Rising seek to create a sound all their own by blending sounds from all over the musical spectrum in hopes of becoming a staple in the Southern California music scene.


  • imoutofmymindx said:
    hellow how are you? Apr 22
  • Jewel Scanlon said:
    i love you guys =) i still have your EP i ordered in '07 of course, and i hope you guys come to philadelphia sometime =) Sep 22
  • Scarlett Rose said:
    yesyesyesyes YES YOU'RE BACK!!! XD Jul 17
  • xarteryxserrationsx said:
    i heart you Jul 17
  • Scarlett Rose said:
    you guys were really good! :( Sep 28
  • Capital_M-E said:
    U guys were great Sep 17
  • newmemories said:
    Fuckin Amazing-Pure Talent. Your Voice Is So Sick. Your Epic.! Jul 14
  • AnnitawearsPrada said:
    good music its perfect! U GUYS ROCK May 31
  • LEANNA said:
    good shit...i\'m pretty down with yer style... Jan 28
  • XconcertjuckyXroty said:
    Dec 04
  • ItalianOreo said:
    k dude yall sound like U/O. but that\'s ok. :-) I just might go and see you guys when you come to the capitol. no one comes to ocala and it stinks. but you guys make living here better. Nov 04
  • Inimicable said:
    Where is the Pizza Factory that you are going to be playing at? On Sanderson? x) Just curious, xD How are you going to /fit/ in there? Oct 30
  • Jesca777 said:
    cant wait to see u guys at epic lounge Oct 16
  • .:Ashley:. said:
    Raffi Raffi Rafii you are my favorite!! lol...Bet you didnt know I was on here!!! Oct 09
  • tawny_terror said:
    omg i have been listening to your music almost non-stop all week bc my friend david left his signed copy of ur cd in my car...its AFUCKINMAZING... message me any new shows your playing if you get the time... love and hate tawny Sep 27


Apr 03, 2007


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