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Annotations Of An Autopsy


Genres: Death Metal / Death Metal / Death Metal

Location: United Kingdom

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Recorded & Uploaded - 23 February 07

It has been a while since we updated this but here is what has happened so far.
The ep titled "Welcome To Sludge City" has been recorded and is now in status of being developed and distributed. Hoodies and Tee's have been on sale and are sexy as fuck and have been selling extremely well so go get one now!

New bassist "Matt" has joined the AOAA family so the line up is sorted and set list is well near finished. Gigs have been coming to us in masses tho we have had to turn away few due to not being ready (sorry bout that) but we are on tour in may with label buddies Underneath The Gun & Seraph Impaled.

Thats about it apart from one new track uploaded on the myspace page.
So take care and keep reppin out sheeeez!

Recording - 4th November 06

Brutal sludging death/grind from East Anglia
We are currently off being arrogant and writting the musical version of the holocaust. We're soon recording some demo tracks as guide lines for our debut ep so expect music soon


  • Miyo said:
    You guys should put up Prosthetic Erection :D Cos the lyrics are so sick it's badass Dec 30
  • Natália Bellissimo. said:
    COME TO BRAZIL! Sep 22
  • mojo said:
    i shock!.... super!,.............. Jun 22
  • jojo said:
    welcome to sludge city "When im done with you, you wont have a CUNT LEFT!!!" BESTTT SONGGEVERRRRRR!!!!! May 20
  • billy Oh hello..... said:
    BLOOD WILL RAIN DOWN !!!!!!!!!! May 17
  • Paul Crisis said:
    Fucking love you guys, "Gore Gore Gadget" was my theme song for walking down the street. Apr 28
  • Cody Denzler said:
    yall are fantastic! you should make these downloadable Apr 26
  • petewentzluv4life said:
    Hey, What's up? Apr 22
  • i killed what's his name said:
    dope Dec 28
  • Brandonsc32 said:
    AOAA IS THE SHIT... Dec 18
  • Miranda[Wreckage] said:
    wtf is this shit that you guys aren't coming to the Wichita, KS show?! Nov 13
  • Kevin said:
    be hold the torch suckssssssss ass dont go check then out Nov 11
  • David said:
    the sickest ever! (: Nov 11
  • Christian Miller said:
    If you like this band then check out mine! http://www.purevolume.com/beholdthetorch. Nov 09
  • euthanasia said:
    shit! Nov 04

Welcome To Sludge City

Nov 09, 2006


United Kingdom

Crystal A. Coffin

Huntsville, AL


Sutton Coldfield, United Kingdom


Hastings, United Kingdom


Cheltenham, United Kingdom


Exeter, United Kingdom


Dundee, United Kingdom


United Kingdom

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