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Anne Hurley


Genres: Folk / Christian

Location: Ottawa, ON

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4 tracks

Anne Hurley is a composer/musician who lives in Ottawa, Canada. She completed her degree in music at Ottawa University (1982). Anne is married and has two children. Anne's first CD Riding the Wind (1998) is a collection of her own reflective piano music. Recently, Anne decided to leave her full-time work and pursue her passion for music. Anne's bold decision led to the idea for her two newest albums - In Bethlehem and A Child Emmanuel (2005).

In Bethlehem: Anne Hurley and Friends is a unique and melodious Christmas CD that is extraordinary in its breadth of variety and rich undertones. From the original and haunting African drums and exotic vocals of Drummer Boy, to the sweet resonance of the violin and piano in Coventry Carol, the old favourites are performed with freshness and innovation. The original compositions, like Bellsong, A Child Emmanuel, and Born In Us Today weave male and female vocals harmoniously with vibrant piano and gentle guitar. Bellsong particularly swells to a joyful crescendo that sets the radiant tone of this beautiful CD, which is balanced by soft and gentle reflective tunes, such as Axis Mundi and December Snow. This is a lovely and innovative gift of consonance and songwhat a perfect balance of rejoicing and pensive music to grace the holidays!

- Kate Marshall Flaherty, award-winning poet and Co-Director of the Childrens' Peace Theatre, Toronto