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Genres: Alternative / Experimental / Other

Location: Fort Worth, TX

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Members: Annastatsea

The Story of Annastatsea(The Dragons Awakening) As an artist I found myself searching for a true purpose to express the pain and beauty of living on this planet. Over the years painting and writing have always enriched this need.In my human and artistic evolution I have discovered a new medium in music. Music itself is a lush playground a canvas without limits. (Artist Statement ) In my lifetime many graces have unveiled before me. In this art I am given a bountiful inner-peace. the ability to share this is an honor. This world is full of beauty beyond words, and I am learning that attached to it there is always a touch of pain. Through this understanding comes freedom. Music is something very primal and freeing to the soul.I envelope and cherish every moment I have with my connection to the source when expressing these songs.This musical experience is something infinite shared by many,I proudly carry it to the next phase of it's intent.The music itself is in a constant state of evolution (Creation of the music) Each song conveyed is projected from me with a genuine love descendent from it's origin.These songs surround my being and must be materialized with true conviction and passion.I see each song as a delicate flower that must be cherished and embraced. ANNASTATSEA(Pronounced/anna-staht-sea) Anna-Tiamat,Goddess,Inanna Stat(Stator)-Jupiter,God,Neptune Sea-Abyss,Oceans of Sorrows due to their seperation.The Deep Love & Passions of Tiamat & Apsu for each other.