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The Evolution Of African Fashion Design

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Ankara fashion
Legend has it that man found a method of clothing himself with leaves when he first realized he necessary to. That could be considered the initial fashion design attempt ever made. Over the years, every country has were able to take its traditional attire making completely new fashion statements away from them. African fashion design also joined the ranks of international fashion houses years ago.

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When it comes to African fashion design, a lot of the designs have evolved from the weather of the country. People were required to remain comfortable and materials were selected in line with the harshness of the climate. This result in the use of several kinds of materials that may not have been used in mainstream designing. Keeping these materials and designs alive has been the job of several members of the African fashion design industry.

There's been a huge tribal influence both on the runway's, photo shoots and street style and we'll do our best to get you some of our favourites to finish a tribal look. We merely had these African inspired sandals delivered to us via email, they are cute but were loving the brown peacock plume sandals probably the most. You can shop right here at Anthropologie.

Ghanaian designer Diva Delicious new swirl collections featured inside the new Ghanaian movie Adam's Apple by Shirley Frimpong Manso. The sound track for the movie is by EFYA titled Sexy Sassy Wahala give it a look below to see all the African inspired designs and get ready for the Launch of Diva Delicious Swirl collections. Shadders is pleased with designer Sandi owusu of Diva Delicious as she takes her collections one step further.

African fashion design originally began with a lot of animal hides and fur. Doing this is a necessary portion of one's attire and cultural background. However, with time, these evolved into internationally accepted and desired designs. Today the response to an African fashion show is tremendous. On the list of kinds of fibre used for clothing is raffia palm, jute, flax and silk. Natural dyes from vegetables and minerals are utilized to create the unique hues of colour.

African fashion design incorporates the application of ceremonial attire such as Ashanti Kente cloth and Ankara etc. A number of the great names within the African design world are Seidnaly Alphadi (the little one of the desert) and Sara Abera from Ethiopia. Oumou Sy too has produced a name in the ready-to-wear type of clothing and products and more recently Deola Sagoe, Jewel by Lisa, David Thale and many many more designers.


Posted Dec 17, 2015 at 7:06am