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Angie and the Car Wrecks


Genres: Rockabilly / Country / Surf Rock

Location: Montesano, WA

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4 tracks

Members: Dickhead Dale - gitfiddle, Angiebelle - throat, Scrawny Shawny - doghouse bass, Cluckin Cancer Calvin - skins

Dale's bending strings like the curves on a hussy
Shawn's slapping bass like the bitch owes him money
Calvin's in the back beating skins til they're bloody
Angie's got a voice like fermented honey

Stranded out in the coldest and wettest corner of hell surfaces a band attempting to mingle psychobilly, surf, rockabilly, rock and punk. We do it, and look damn good at the same time. A little history: Dale and Shawn, both Balls, wanted to put a band together. Dale hadn't played in a band since Anti-Squad, a team of ragamuffins that conquered the underground punk scene of Grays Harbor until people stopped coming to see Dale get naked and strum the bass with his dick (11 years ago and counting). Shawn had been band-dry since Rikki 6 and the Elvis All-Stars in Iceland, a quick but fun blast of talented Navy slops.
After an heroic but doomed attempt to conquer the drums, the boys decided to look for a man that could wrangle the beats with the best of them. Enter Cancer Calvin. It all fell together perfectly: Calvin's ability to swing the beats like a 13yr old boy with a Sears catalog, Dale's ability to wrench a bigsby, and Shawn's knack for doing what he's told to. The boys had 5 songs written even before they realized something was missing: someone to hold their hair back when they puked. Enter a female singer, Dale's wife Angie. Angie had never sung in a band before, but she had always wanted to. Taking on the job of writing the lyrics and singing, Angie completed the 4th corner of the ultimate rockabilly band to ever come out of the general vicinity of Montesano.
As of March 2010, we have our first EP out, Bender Bound, which is available on CDBaby


  • Vanezza said:
    Niiiice. I liked Psychobilly Boys alot!! Apr 29

Bender Bound

Mar 01, 2010


San Francisco, CA

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