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Angel's Mistake


Genres: Indie / Emo / Pop

Location: San Diego, CA

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Members: Bobby

Have you ever listened to a sunrise? It sounds nothing like a sunset.

This is Angel's Mistake, an infant indie project. The mind behind the music is Bobby, a classically-trained pianist who picked up a guitar one day. Bobby draws on all areas and aspects of life for inspiration, from the day-to-day to the infinite. He takes down his thoughts and ideas, arranges them at a piano, picks them out on a guitar, and records them over multiple layers of sound. The result is a style that is classy, but not classical; precocious, but not punk; emotional, but not emo; transforming, but not terrifying; progressing, but not progressive; immediate, but distant.

Hello, and welcome to the very beginning. This is my music. I hope you enjoy what you hear.



  • Simone said:
    amazing music. i like your style. :] Sep 19
  • AddictiveDancer said:
    hey! i really like your music and looking foward for more! lol hope things are well and keep up the good work man. =) Mar 11
  • Bob the Dork '-' said:
    i love ur music especialy the bestest song ever =) Dec 24
  • Music Is My Life said:
    lovin the music. keep up the amazing work =) Sep 24
  • Desertcutie432 said:
    Your pretty hott. Sep 08
  • said:
    I love Your MUSIC your freakign amzing man.... in a tottaly non gay way :) ahaha Jul 16
  • said:
    when do u think u\'ll be writing new stuff? I love all of your songs. Hope u r having a great summer. any big plans? Jul 02
  • life fades but the word stays 777 said:
    Ha ur good :) Jun 19
  • said:
    hey thanx for the comment. i love your music its really good. no lie. ur a really good artist. Jun 18
  • esmpk7 said:
    hmm, not bad musik.... im not quite obcessed though....yet.... Jun 12
    i love sandcastle May 27
  • said:
    i love ur music!!!!! =) May 26
  • jmelin said:
    i love x54654512315646billion all your songs. May 20
  • Wicked_fan said:
    I love the lyrics but maybe make the vocals more hearable and less boxie i guess... but awesome! May 20
  • said:
    Nice music May 20

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