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Genres: Pop Punk / Alternative / Rock

Location: Moriches, NY

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4 tracks

Members: Jay, Mario, Mike, ReDi, Dave

Click here WRCN.com and vote for "an evening with". no personal info will be taken, not even an email. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page highlight the circle next to our name "an evening with" and hit vote. we need your help in doing this every 24 hours from as many computers, cell phones you can and in return we are offering our entire album to download free. Contest ends May 10th
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Jay and the boyz


Turn up the volume and get ready for an album about good times, sex, Long Island, home and a whole lot of spirit for which is bridging the gap of rock and pop/punk to an unbelievable catchy sound that will have you hooked like Starbucks Coffee. Their full length debut album Cruel Intentions released in the last week of October has been gaining heightened credibility for what now has over 25,000 downloads on iTunes, Napster, and Purevolume alone. Numerous magazines have confirmed saying, This is the next big band! Previously recorded and produced by Rob Freeman of Hidden in Plain View, who has since recorded such artists like Hit the Lights, Cobra Starship, Armor For Sleep and many more rising stars.

While not indebting their selves into slaves of society, the AEW boys are a five piece band on Long Island that just want to play shows, take it as far as possible and go higher than they have gone before. Word on their hometown streets is get to know them before they are famous. They have since been featured on purevolume back in August as a pure pic and reached #1 song and download ratings even with demos and unfinished songs at the time. With exceedingly good feedback on their tunes AEW has seen radio play on Long Islands biggest radio station, 106.1 Bli, as well as commercials detailing the release of their album. Make sure you keep your ears and your hearts open for this band when they make their way to your town

Cruel Intentions

for more band info and myspace click on link
An Evening With



  • BUY CATS said:
    IF YOU LIKE aneveningwith YOUR GONNA LOVE MY CATS purevolume.com/we_sell_cats Feb 28
  • Teriyakhi said:
    Awesome band. :D Dec 03
  • Nik B said:
    Awesome band!! Moriches is my hometown ;) Apr 21
  • Lexa!!!! said:
    i likee :D Dec 31
  • Taylor! said:
    Hey! If your want to hear some new edgy acoustic music with some sweet beans boy/girl vocals check out our new songs "The Turn" & "My Own Strength" from our debut EP that is about to be released! We also have free downloads of our old songs! :) http://www.purevolume.com/goodbyetofarewells Sep 19
  • AlyssaXSaysXRawr said:
    love ur sound! :D i especially like ur songs time after time and long island they're awesome! cant wait to hear more from ur guys! May 30
  • Sky ❤ said:
    love your music :):):):) May 23
  • Mara Vengeance said:
    i am soooo addicted to your music. May 06
  • Alyssa said:
    so uh. i am basically your biggest fann. nbdddd. (L) Apr 27
  • Danielaބ said:
    Love your musicܣ Apr 25
  • herrificbabe said:
    Hows it going? Apr 22
  • Tianna. said:
    I LOVE YOU. Apr 17
  • Krissie Beckham said:
    You guys are REALLY good:) Apr 16
  • Carolina☮ said:
    love your musiic♥ Apr 14
  • *Bubblez* said:
    You guys are amazingly greatly AWESOME!!!!!!!!! xD Apr 14


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