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and the rest was silence


Genres: Progressive / Screamo / Ambient

Location: Manchester, NH

Stats: 90 fans / 4,593 plays / 31 plays today






Members: richie, chris c., brendan, christopher, pat


  • startthepanic666 said:
    My band is looking for other bands to play with. Check us and let us know if your interested. We\'re just starting out and we need help getting shows. www.purevolume.com/nocauseforalarmncfa Feb 14
  • Deadscene Romance said:
    hey..i didnt know you were suppose to come to aherns in cumberland..that would have been awesome but it got shut down for the time being til they get 15,000 for a sprinkler system..but maybe when they open youll still come!!..buh bye Jun 16
  • Deadscene Romance said:
    hey..you guys should come somewhere close to maryland!!..hope to see ya soon!!..buh bye Jun 16
  • TotallyXcored said:
    Dude, you guys should have a way for me to download your wicked music. It\'s like... Great! You should come to SummFest this summer. Apr 19
  • mjczombie said:
    i will see you guyz soon. i promise. Mar 17


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2006 New York City plane crash, United States


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