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  • xxcatherinne said:
    you guys are awesome!! Jun 03
  • xxcatherinne said:
    you guys are awesome!! Jun 03
  • qniversal said:
    Unreal. Enough said. But where is Thank The Watchmaker?? I'm living off the ringtone right now. Please bring it back... Jun 02
  • Sach214 said:
    you're amazing and i love you. but you already no about itt. :) May 23
  • said:
    you guys are amazing!!!!i cant even explain how much so. My friends make fun of me because I listen to you so much on someone else's ipod(i dont own one, i "rock the discman"). May 22
  • made4eachother said:
    i love you guysss! && i wish you werent bailing on boofest! It makes me very sad :[ May 20
  • ... said:
    i like you guys keep it up :] May 14
  • kasyn said:
    Your guy's sound is amazing, that's all i can even say about your music. Wow. Good job, put up more music! May 14
  • We Live 2 Die said:
    ummmm... one question???? wtf happened to the metal???? this is kool i can dig it, but where did the metal band go????? May 11
  • Concrete. Heartbeat. said:
    You guys are too amazing for words! Thank you sooooo much for coming to our Battle of the Bands tonight. You are officially my favorite band. There's nothing quite like you're energy. I hope to see you guys again! Much love. May 02
  • Zoe Rawr! said:
    Good job last night, you were amazing. Everything was perfest except the technical difficulties. :] Apr 24
  • [S]Pam! is E. [period] said:
    you guys are addicting. it'd be swank if you could upload more songs. and put up the lyrics for 'Occam's Razor.' :) Apr 23
  • ♥Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?♥ said:
    I'm going to see you in portsmouth next sunday. I can't wait!!!!!! Apr 18
  • ELENAA said:
    i adore you guys Apr 12
  • my name is tyler. said:
    i really like you guys. = ) Apr 09
  • Oliver[12k] said:
    you guys fucking rock my socks. from MA so i'm pretty darn close to where you guys are from. I just think it's pretty cool that we have an new england based electronica band :) wish i could be there in boston kick some ass :) Apr 07
  • mister-martin said:
    Omg i need the lyrics for the new song....plz put those up that would be great and where the hell can i buy the album or the songs????u guys are fuckin fresh cheers!!! Apr 01
  • izzy* said:
    u should play the 119 gallery in lowell..nawt umass lol Mar 26
  • JasonDiNo said:
    The show in Eliot a few weeks ago was awesome. i cant beleave that the floor was bending Mar 26
  • said:
    your name made me go to your page. i read that book last year for school. haha it was pretty creepy. btw, GREAT music. Mar 25