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Genres: Acoustic / Indie / Ambient

Location: Jupiter, FL

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My Personal Entropy is a compilation of songs that I have been working on for the past several years of my life and some of them still arent complete, but thats more or less because I don't feel like I've fully developed them nor I myself fully developed into the musician I'd like to think of myself as. I decided theres a direct connection between the songs and what they mean personally to me and how I feel my life has changed from a sturdy point, where I thought I had it bad, to much more unstable position, where I find myself trying to put things back in order, but find I'm making them worse. my songs talk about how life embraces a steady decline from begining to end but then suggesting that the object is not finding a way to fix the things that have already happened but finding something or someone to embrace in the midst of them. My songs really speaks for themselves.

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  • grace said:
    i love your music Feb 13
  • Dawnielle said:
    I miss your music, you need to put some new tunes out. Ive been waiting for ever and Ive still heard nothing. Your music is truly an inspiration. Feb 02
  • Isabella said:
    soo.... i have a confession. basically i have been listening to your songs on repeat about 30 minutes. yeah i believe that i am your biggest fan today.... and it is so cool that you are only like 15 minutes away from me! yeah your music is crazy amazing and really chill... in other words, i love it! post up more of your music and maybe i will have the chance to see you play live someday... that would be pretty awesome. Jan 06
  • kattt. said:
    lovee itttt(: Jan 04
  • CandyGirl92 said:
    Very nice. :) Dec 20
  • story said:
    i love your music Dec 11
  • cpop™ said:
    I love your music. End of story. :) Nov 28
  • aroha.elkington said:
    when the fudgein wackles are you going to put your music on itunes?! i'd buy that album A.S.A.P Nov 21
  • aroha.elkington said:
    why the fudgein' wackles are you not on itunes yet?!?!?! alls i want on my ipod is undying love... :'( Nov 21
  • Delores said:
    you are lovely. and your voice is beautiful. Nov 17
  • RawritsLilly said:
    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Nov 15
  • Whitasaur!! said:
    yea check out this band for me plzz!! Im whitney!! Im a huge fan of theirs!! They are called The City Skylights!u can check them out on www.myspace.com/thecityskylights thank you!! tell me if you like them!! Nov 03
  • your worsed nightmare ^------^ said:
    amazinggg x Nov 01
  • your worsed nightmare ^------^ said:
    amazing =] Oct 25
  • your worsed nightmare ^------^ said:
    amazinggg =] Oct 25


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