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Andreas Viklund

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Genres: Trance / Club / House

Location: Jokkmokk, Sweden

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Members: Andreas Viklund

Latest update (January 6th, 2014):

General refresh of old and outdated info, as a part of a larger refresh of my overall online presence. There are lots of changes coming up on a personal and professional level this year, which opens up possibilities for new projects that I have not been able to do for a long time. More info will be published on what will soon become my new online home for personal projects: http://asokay.com/ - where "Asokay" is my new online alias.

About Andreas:

I'm a 34-year old web designer, writer and music producer, living and working in Jokkmokk, northern Sweden. I spent a couple of years working as a professional artist following the success of my band Lagoona, which got a lot of attention after reaching the #1 spot of the MP3.com Music Charts in the year 2000.

I made a lot of music during the years 1997-2004, and the most popular tracks can be found here on purevolume. However, in the last couple of years I haven't made more than a few tracks. In 2011, I started the House/Electro trio Daleri together with two friends, a project that quickly turned very serious. After signing a record deal with Armada Music sublabel Trice Recordings and releasing the first Daleri single in 2012, I left the band. Daleri continued as a duo, and has since released a number of singles and remixes through Armada Music and most recently through UKF Music and the own label Dalerious. I remain a big Daleri fan, cheering from the sidelines, but I'm not involved in the project anymore.

So, when it comes to my own music, it is all about melodies from the past. And the old songs are of course still available, most of them free to download and free to share. I am hoping to find the time and inspiration to return to making music again in the future, and it looks as if year 2014 may be the year it actually happens. If there are still people out there who would want to listen...

About the Lagoona songs:

All Lagoona songs were written and produced by Andreas Viklund and Bjorn Bodin, between 1997-2004.

Vocal credits: "The promised land" - Bjorn Bodin, "Final destination" - Andreas Viklund and Bjorn Bodin, "Endless ocean" - Gina G, "Into my dream" - Asa Jarleros, "Always in my heart" - Lizanne Hennessey.

Free to download, free to share!

These songs are free to download, and the artist allows and encourages listeners to share the songs using any file-sharing system of your choice! You are also free to use the songs for personal and non-commercial projects and purposes. File-sharing is the best distribution and promotion method in the world, so feel free to spread the word if you enjoy what you hear.




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