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Released Dec 15, 2009

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Comments (9)

  • James (musicislife) said:
    Anberlin's lyrics, Stephen's vocals, and the beats are all truly amazing, Anberlin is my favorite band, by far; And the acoustics are sick. Jun 15
  • Vine x3 said:
    Great! Mar 18
  • Jon said:
    you guys are one of my favorite bands ever, and you never disappoint. stephen's vocals are amazing as always, and the lyrics continue to be amazing. i definitely want this deluxe version. even though i already have New Surrender Dec 13
  • Will said:
    the new songs are awesome, keep it up! Dec 09
  • musicaddict57 said:
    Guys the acoustic versions are amazing! dont let anyone tell you otherwise Dec 09
  • Mackin' McLovin said:
    True Faith is pretty cool. Dec 08
  • Mackin' McLovin said:
    Ah, come on, Acoustic always kills the song, like Feel Good Drag. Come on, Anberlin! I liked the original version of the song to begin with, the one where he screams instead of softly says "You were my greatest failure..." and on. Dec 08
  • austin said:
  • Sara (But I'm so lost out at sea). said:
    I want me some deluxe! Definitely gona pick up a copy and give the other one away as a Christmas present. Dec 07