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Released Sep 30, 2008

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Comments (17)

  • chelseykate14 said:
    Im going to have to buy this one. I have Cities, and loved them. :D Apr 24
  • brandon said:
    this album is @#$%^& awesome Mar 24
  • justinchancy said:
    you Guy's rock! Great Album!!! Mar 18
  • Jenny Karl said:
    I love this album!! Dec 05
  • You Are Luv'd said:
    awesome songs!!! Oct 15
  • robertt223 said:
    I like the new stuff here. Sep 27
  • Jake said:
    YOU GUYS ROCK!!! Sep 27
  • hello, operator. said:
    i was a little scared at first i was hoping you guys were not going change too much but i tripped over myself when i heard the new songs! this is the kind of music that makes you want to throw your fist up at a concert. Im glad some one can actually maintain their rock! Sep 26
  • Laura said:
    feel good drag is already on another album. pretty sure its never take friendship personal Sep 23
  • TylerSuttie said:
    Gonna be the best album yett!! Sep 23
  • $@m Ch@r!e$ said:
    well i don't like the "feel good drag" on this one then on "never take friendship personal" no screaming :( but i can't wait for the CD to come i already got the USB now im just waiting for the 30th...11 more days! Sep 19
  • Brandon said:
    Another great song to put in yaw's library. ^.^ nice job. ") -Brandon Sep 14
  • elllle4 said:
    Amazing! 30 days!!! Aug 31
  • Hannah Eleanor said:
    when can we fans expect this album?? Aug 31
  • twa oath said:
    This is pretty good, I like it alot. Aug 23