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Released Feb 20, 2007

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Comments (30)

  • Alex said:
    (*Fin) is my ultimate, all time favorite song. It owns every other song. Sep 14
  • xXx_xXx said:
    love this album Dec 16
  • HurricaneRuler said:
    Fin is the best song by far. Its so religous and emotional and deep. I still cannot figure out the emotions going on in me when i listen to that song. Jun 29
  • chelseykate14 said:
    Yeah, Fin is amazing. Apr 24
  • Justine said:
    Just a question, if it is the group that adds the songs...I was hoping you guys could add Fin Feb 13
  • G*Star*Rawr* said:
    where's whisper and a clamour!!?? Nov 24
  • $@m Ch@r!e$ said:
    love this CD mostly for "godspeed" & "fin*" Sep 19
  • Gamer118118 said:
    Anberlin is awesome! If anyone doesn\'t like Anberlin they are fools! BTW, isn\'t the lead singer cute? -_-\' Nov 30
  • alex said:
    When I listened to \"Godspeed\", \"Dismantle.Repair.\", \'Adelaide\", and \"The Unwinding Cable Car\" I was very interested, to say the least. But instead of buying the normal version I decided upon the extended version. I\'ll tell you, I made the right decision. Nov 24
  • crackers_roar said:
    they are amazing.!! Nov 19
  • Keegan-white 17 said:
    wow... this song is amazing. love all their songs! Sep 29
  • me11111 said:
    all these posted are great, but there is no mathematics to love and loss is the best Aug 19
  • stoft said:
    The music video for Godspeed could\'nt\'ve been better. I\'m in love with all of these songs =) Jul 27
  • Grant said:
    godspeed is sweet!!!!!!!!!!! Jul 05
  • mistakeluh! said:
    i amin love with this record. each song is strong. anberlin keeps getting better and they were already good Jun 14