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Right There With You

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Added Sep 03, 2008

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Comments (7)

  • Danielle! :D said:
    Haha, I loved Greg in his Suns jersey =) Great vid. Dec 16
  • Truth ├śr Coseq{u}ences said:
    ummm...i swear to god if i see another kid throwdown to pop music...im gonna puke Apr 16
  • s;ldkv;lqwkmdfvw said:
    its a good song but why the fuck are kids throwin down 2 this kinda music agan! fuckin stoped ass posers! come 2 a vanna show or a we come as romance show,or a fuckin human abstract show and throw down.but that was an ok song tho. May 22
  • Muhammed said:
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  • Battery said:
    dude you guys are KRILL!!! Sep 04
  • odd.rey said:
    awesome vid, awesome song, awesome band :) love you guys! Sep 04
  • -Bon- said:
    nice song..^^ Sep 04