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An Angle Pro


Genres: Alternative / Rock / Indie

Location: Sacramento, CA

Stats: 2,238 fans / 286,392 plays / 46 plays today





8 tracks

  • Singles Match said:
    what a great sound! Feb 06
    love your sound! Jun 30
  • michellewmusic said:
    Hi! My name is Michelle Waugh and I'm a 15 yr old singer/songwriter. I'd love it if you could check out my page. I have free downloads!! http://www.purevolume.com/MichelleWaugh May 26
  • jessthestrange said:
    hellllloooo Apr 22
  • Jonny Waffle said:
    hey! We're The Radioflyer, come by and download our free EP at Purevolume.com/theradioflyer, or just listen to our tracks :) Jan 07
  • Bianca Fraga said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/castew PLEASE, CHECK OUT OUR BAND Oct 29
  • AprilSays said:
    Hey everyone, I'm April and I've been playing guitar for four years. I recently started writing my own music. I've always had a love for music and I really enjoy writing it. I don't really enjoy singing so my music is nice and simple with just a guitar. I hope you'll check it out :) www.purevolume.com/heyapril Oct 29
  • zoe said:
    Love it! Sep 08
  • Colemanation said:
    awesome tracks! also, if you like An Angle, you'll love this new band i found www.purevolume.com/roadtobremen they're amazing!! Jun 22
  • rocketmanwilson said:
    You guys are sick as all get out Sep 12
  • Janie said:
    from weezer to dashboard to bright eyes. all rolled into one you got an angle. thats pretty amazing. :] Apr 27
  • dont use this anymore add my new purevolume: purevolume.com/listeners/ViaMarie said:
    love your music srsly its amazing Apr 24
  • nat_er said:
    Add Comment here... Nov 19
  • Bubb™ said:
    Come to Pensacola, Florida.I beg of you, :)Seeing yall would complete my life! Nov 18
  • xxxkillmeslowly said:
    i\'m looking forward to your show here in Howell =] Sep 26

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