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Before / After: a radical change with this kitchen in Cornwall

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Before you engage in such works (as well as in particular breaking a partition), ask yourself if this arrangement is perfect for you: storage is essential to hold a living space pleasant along with the appliance must be selected efficient to lessen the Noise and odor. Also ask yourself the question of the installation of an island that allows to arrange the zone as well as to delimit it artificially. To help you see more clearly and take into consideration your open kitchen, here are some ideas and inspirations from Iron Fort Construction & Renovation.

It is really an impressive transformation which has undergone this kitchen in Cornwall. At that time partitioned and old-fashioned, the kitchen is currently ready to accept the living room, bright and design. Discovery of the project.

How you can go from a small, ugly and old-fashioned kitchen with an open kitchen and design? Stick to the instance of this kitchen situated in Cornwall, unblock spaces to give brightness and sprinkle all decorated stylish! The Cornwall Kitchen Designer in charge of this kitchen renovation must knows in Cornwall have was able to combine the styles in the beautiful means for an amazing final result.

Ahead of the renovation, your kitchen was old and dark

During purchase, your kitchen looked such as that ... Small and wedged between four walls, the sunshine was tough to pass. Although you may cannot blame this kitchen for its absence of equipment or storage, the decor clearly leaves to get desired. Dating back to on the late 80s and comprised of an incredibly rustic cladding and bare tiles, this kitchen really deserved to get renovated.

After renovation: a design kitchen that stunes

By using a blow of magic wand (or rather 1 months of employment ...), the kitchen of this flat gives again desires in order to cook. The architects ensured to place the kitchen cabinet on one wall to create the area more spacious. Here we discover our kitchen, engrossed in an oak veneer coating created to measure by a carpenter. The kitchen is likewise made more functional: storage is everywhere. The place has grown to be user-friendly due to the large island worktop that permits cooking, eating or working.

Kitchen Renovation Cornwall

We certainly have gone from one for the other! Decoration side, a good mix of styles allows to modernize the space. Your kitchen plays about the retro aspect as well as the white quartz of the worktop appears in a more contemporary light. The chairs of Nicolle give one side industrial workshop to the whole. The mixture of most these styles works wonderfully. Also worth mentioning would be the Smeg green water appliances, as well as the Nordlux copper fixtures which give a chic and retro feel on the kitchen


Posted Mar 11, 2017 at 10:07pm