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Amore (the band)



Genres: Rock / Classic Rock / Progressive

Location: Little Rock, AR

Stats: 0 fans / 178 plays / 14 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Jax, GoJo, Kozy, Big-E

Amore is the product of love.

it was the love for a little band out of Little Rock, Arkansas that enabled them to be featured twice on MTV, win contests with huge cash prizes, get their rock n' roll chosen for an XBOX 360 video game, play with Thursday, Hellogoodbye, The Chariot, Hawthorne Heights plus more, make records and tour the country... all because of the love from the fans.

That band loved right back. It was a love that kept the band's lead singer singing to the bitter end after breaking his ankle during another incredible edge-of-your-seat performance in a packed venue.

Only love can do that.

After a little time off - and a hospital visit or two - they simply had to change their name to reflect what had kept them going. The passion of the original guitarist, drummer, and singer has remained. Strengthened. Intensified.

Stripping down to a raw, classic-rock-infused sound, with their signature, powerful live energy and the sort of range and creativity that only four real artists can give you, Amore is like nothing you've ever heard.

And the love? Amore loves what they're doing.

What they do is what all great rock bands do best. They've got that alive, 'big-room' sound you won't believe is a four-piece. Kozy's drums will move you at an uncanny, emotional intensity. Big E supplies the deep, growling bass guitar. Technical-yet-memorable guitar licks come fresh from guitarist/writer, Jax. And - of course! - GoJo's soaring, powerful voice and lyrics fused by a kinetic stage presence.

Those are the ingredients. Like any memorable rock band - or delicious dish - the same ingredients can be combined in new ways to make new things. It only takes passion, inspiration...

...and love.