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Genres: Rock / Alternative / Other

Location: Montgomery, AL

Stats: 92 fans / 4,146 plays / 8 plays today






Members: Kevin Palmer and Josh Moates (formerly of TRUST COMPANY)


  • SidTheDevilsOwn said:
    y did u break trust co.! ur music is good now bt it was fuckin gr8 b4! bt stil kevin im ur fan! Jun 30
  • bulletformyheart69 said:
    u guys rock May 17
  • geminiroze said:
    COOL songs..glad to have ya\'s back..:):) Aug 19
  • .winter.chick. said:
    ya\'ll have alot of talent. Jun 13
  • chernabog said:
    I love you guys!, But you should really consider getting back togethor with the rest of Trust Company. From Cherny ^_^ Jun 04
  • cyberdolle said:
    I love you guys! although you already know that. Can\'t wait to start the street team work! U ROCK! :) I am telling all of SO CAL FOR YOU!!! PROMISE!!! :) Apr 18
  • droptozro said:
    hey man, I left a comment on TRUSTco.\'s page, but I\'m glad you guys decided not to completely give up, good to see Josh back in the band too. Seriously too, I love you guys sooo much, I love music and your music so much, I swear I was talking with a friend yesterday and said (even tho I\'m not great, but would LEARN quickly) that it would be a dream come true to come and play and make music with you two(and yes I would leave for Montgomery in a heartbeat). Anything, I want to get into the music business, message me if there\'s any way you could even help me out in that way. Thanks, and keep writing Kevin! Mar 22

The Sound of Regret

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S A M M Y D™

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