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American Radio Runaway


Genres: Punk / Rock / Pop Punk

Location: Portsmouth, NH

Stats: 288 fans / 23,238 plays / 26 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Chris, Mike, Sean, Matt and Jon

With a sweet pop-rock sound that will give your grandmother a toothache, American Radio Runaway is prepared to let everyone know that you don't have to hate your parents or commit suicide to listen to good music. Forming two years ago in Durham, NH, their incredible harmonies and catchy lyrics are guaranteed to stay with you for weeks. Having been praised locally for their energetic live shows and well-produced recordings they are prepared to explode from small town local band to nationally touring, 10,000 myspace friend having, super awesome group. ARR has played with local bands such as: Good Samaritan, Too Late the Hero, The Minus Scale, In the Arms of Providence (RIP) and Too Bad for You. They have also shared the stage with groups such as : Catch 22, Bayside, Monty (formerly Monty's Fan Club), Punchline and Name Taken. If you thought rock was dead or that you were too cool for Pop-music, get ready to experience American Radio Runaway.




  • 2muchrock4onehand said:
    you sound like weird al! your too white and nerdy Jun 11
  • MyWristsBleed4Fun said:
    put sorry about the shoes back up :[ It was my ultimate favorite song. Jun 08
  • lolwat said:
    Wow,you guys are awesome, really stepping it up for NH. I never realized we had such good bands in the granite state! Keep it up guys, Peace Nov 29
  • kaitlyn*93 said:
    I love you guys..not to far from where i live either. Oct 28
  • xXMeStUp-KiDXx said:
    u guys rock. xD Aug 18
  • said:
  • d3ad1ysp0rk said:
    Nashua, here I come. Can\'t wait for the concert, I absolutely love your music, and I\'m sure you\'re awesome in concert too. Hopefully bringing a full car too. Jun 04
  • katexduhh said:
    Who has the best truffle shuffle? Apr 23
  • SEXY BOY said:
    hey i was ur first comment... sick Mar 31
  • savestheday-nh said:
    you guys pretty much kick ass Feb 19
  • savestheday-nh said:
    you guys pretty much kick ass Feb 19
  • xcloverx said:
    I love you guys! Where can I get you cd? Does Bullmoose in Portsmouth have it? Feb 08
  • SEXY BOY said:
    i like the song 1000 words im gonna put it on my mp3 Feb 07


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