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Adwords Ban?

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There are a lot of possibilities for affiliate internet marketers, which we will not necessarily discuss here. Lets examine from a SEO mindset.

Using WP turbo you're going to get hundreds of posts from different sources, using general public API. The best part is that you can mix these sources in a manner that the content of each post seems unique. No problem with the duplicate content issue.

If you want to create a blog approximately Jennifer Lopez, you tend to make unique content using WP turbo. Lets say you generate a campaign which takes on auto-pilot videos of JL with YouTube and posts them on certain periods of time. In additional you can enhance the same posts some tweets about JL. All this is done automatically, you have to configure the plugin once along with the posts are made on auto-pilot everyday, no hassle with twitter. Remember to mix as much sources and often. Top quality Score: This is at it's highest when keywords inside ad match keywords relating to the landing page, and they will BOTH match the present. The worst practice is actually using unrelated keywords that find a high response to advertise an unrelated offer. Not only will Google ban this type of advertiser, this type of process is unethical and deceitful and has now no place in the best business.

In reality, almost nobody ever clicks any of them. This is true associated with landing pages. One basic rule applies: One offer per page that matches the keywords inside ad.

4. Never use a bait and switch tactic! This will result in a ban faster than whatever else. Google (and almost every buyer) frowns on this practice and for good reason. It is blatantly deceitful, similar to using unrelated keywords drive an automobile traffic, and extremely frustrating to your person who clicks for an ad looking to begin with but ends up someplace unrelated. This angers some sort of buyer, often severely, and also the results of this are invariably undesirable. Not only will this get a great advertiser banned, it are able to ruin their reputation once and for all.

5. The landing page needs to have original content that matches keywords and offer. Included should also be described as a privacy disclaimer, information regarding the website owner, and a level of transparency regarding how you conduct business. We wish to avoid acting like a thief in the night. We want an internet site that is professional, business-like, and trustworthy. PPC requires KLT (know-like-trust) much like any other form involving marketing does.

6. When in doubt read and follow each of Google's guidelines. We must make sure to check on our ad performance on a regular basis, make sure our payment information is always up to date, and ensure that our ads are converting well. If not, we need to take the time to tweak them and increase their performance, otherwise we could possibly get slapped and eventually stopped.

If people follow Google's rules, together with conduct ourselves ethically and professionally, marketing in ways that are above board together with acceptable by everyone, we will have no trouble with Yahoo, or any other PAY PER CLICK advertising system.

With regard to Google's webmaster guidelines, see http: //www. adwords ban, google ban, google ban

Posted Jun 03, 2012 at 12:42am