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  • Update

    Hello everyone. I apologize for my lack of nurturing this particular site (or the project itself) and not staying in touch as I should... I'll try better next time =)…

    May 01, 2008

  • fight 4 tab

    IMPORTANT TO ALL MUSICIANS AND LISTENERS ALIKE: This is one of many sites hit by the NMPA (national music publisher's association) and MPA (music publishers association…

    Sep 04, 2007

  • so...whats with the coyote?

    Awhile back I was looking for the perfect icon to represent Ambient Summer, an image that represents the core beliefs the gravity that holds ambient summer together and…

    Jan 28, 2007


    war...what is it good for? we've become calloused to the word WAR, somewhere along the lines I would hope that at least one soul would look back through history and se…

    Nov 01, 2006

  • PLEASE! read this

    I've recently had some requests regarding the sales of my songs/albums. The reason why Im not selling them is because the album is not yet complete however let me expl…

    Oct 09, 2006


    HELLO EVERYBODY!!! how goes it? hopefully all is swell indeed. So i've decided to keep you all informed here on this weblog on purevolume because i dont really use th…

    Sep 05, 2006