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Genres: Ambient / Acoustic / Indie

Location: United States

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Ambient-1.Of the surrounding area or environment. 2.Completely surrounding; encompassing.

-Its 345 am. Friends gathered. I step outside to taste the crisp air of morning; just before the commuters taint the skies with another day of industry.. Enlivened, we're here :) closer to the polka dotted sky. Far beyond the city limits, we left ourselves on the intersection of 124th and claude. We are free. Stones, and the trickling of water.. lucid dreams of epochs lost in infinity. One.. then two steps quickly escalate into what seems to be thousands... we laugh, and for a solstice, we're lost; not the kind of lost that leaves one panicked and hopeless; only, the kind that manifests itself in the human heart, the kind that leaves footprints in memories, and tears in eyes..


  • Eric said:
    Can you please email me chaos Theory and Ally's song, i would very very much appreciate hearing them again. naughtycow87@yahoo.com Oct 15
  • Matt Z said:
    Hey guys, awesome stuff, Definitely a fan! check out my stuff at www.purevolume.com/mattzimmerman and fan me if you like it! thanks, MZ May 26
  • AllisonCrue said:
    can you please email me allys song. i love it so much and need to hear it Feb 17
  • Allybbyx said:
    can you please send me ally's song. i cant find it anywheere! Feb 15
  • Ally said:
    I agree with Allybbyx. I really want to listen to Ally's Song. :) Jun 16
  • Allybbyx said:
    hey, can you please put allys song back up. ive been looking for it everywhere and i cant seem to find it. Mar 26
  • juicay said:
    i think im in love with dear one your songs are really deep : ) Mar 03
  • mbrave23 said:
    Its Jess, in case u didnt know. Where the bleeep did Ally\'s Song go!? Damn u Aaron! Jan 14
  • jumpdance16 said:
    really enjoy it. so beautiful. Nov 25
  • cargirl1 said:
    you are so talented. ally\'s song blew me away. stay perfect. Nov 21
  • Jamie Kristine said:
    its tasteful and artsy. i really like it. Jul 24
  • liz333 said:
    ally\'s song is so amazing i can\'tneven tell u. i live in fort collins, CO n i\'m not sure where eastlake is but u should come out for a show here sometime, please consider trying :) ily Jul 13
  • said:
    wow... your stuff made me cry. : / Jun 09
  • Seculonovo said:
    Nice songs.. i just loved it. Check out my songs on.. purevolume.com/sanhumano good luck Aaron. Apr 15
  • i.cee.stars said:
    my tears suddenly fell into pieces. aww.. Nov 28


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