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  • Eric said:
    Can you please email me chaos Theory and Ally's song, i would very very much appreciate hearing them again. naughtycow87@yahoo.com Oct 15
  • Matt Z said:
    Hey guys, awesome stuff, Definitely a fan! check out my stuff at www.purevolume.com/mattzimmerman and fan me if you like it! thanks, MZ May 26
  • AllisonCrue said:
    can you please email me allys song. i love it so much and need to hear it Feb 17
  • Allybbyx said:
    can you please send me ally's song. i cant find it anywheere! Feb 15
  • Ally said:
    I agree with Allybbyx. I really want to listen to Ally's Song. :) Jun 16
  • Allybbyx said:
    hey, can you please put allys song back up. ive been looking for it everywhere and i cant seem to find it. Mar 26
  • juicay said:
    i think im in love with dear one your songs are really deep : ) Mar 03
  • mbrave23 said:
    Its Jess, in case u didnt know. Where the bleeep did Ally\'s Song go!? Damn u Aaron! Jan 14
  • jumpdance16 said:
    really enjoy it. so beautiful. Nov 25
  • cargirl1 said:
    you are so talented. ally\'s song blew me away. stay perfect. Nov 21
  • Jamie Kristine said:
    its tasteful and artsy. i really like it. Jul 24
  • liz333 said:
    ally\'s song is so amazing i can\'tneven tell u. i live in fort collins, CO n i\'m not sure where eastlake is but u should come out for a show here sometime, please consider trying :) ily Jul 13
  • said:
    wow... your stuff made me cry. : / Jun 09
  • Seculonovo said:
    Nice songs.. i just loved it. Check out my songs on.. purevolume.com/sanhumano good luck Aaron. Apr 15
  • i.cee.stars said:
    my tears suddenly fell into pieces. aww.. Nov 28
  • kaitlyn*93 said:
    I just wanna say i LOVE your songs.. cant wait to hear more.=_) Nov 09
  • said:
    You\'re one of the first artists I\'ve seen on here that posted some sort of bio, that\'s really cool, and you\'re music is really good, keep it up!! Oct 10
  • mbrave23 said:
    Hey babe, I just love everything u come up with. Its amazing Aaron, u have such a talent. But u suck on dependability, Im still waiting 4 our CD! I heart u... Sep 04
  • country_goth said:
    i love ally\'s song Aug 18