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A Mayfield Affair



Genres: Folk Rock / Bluegrass

Location: San Diego, CA

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Members: Ben Bartel, Ben Barnes, Erin Lancaster, Ryan Woolsey, Josh Barragan

A Mayfield Affair is a 5 piece Folk-Rock band that was born out of both passion and strange circumstance.

The two frontmen (or frontMAN and WOMAN) Ben Bartel and Erin Lancaster, lived on opposite sides of the country. Erin hailing from Georgia and Ben from the mountains of California--both musicians, both with a desire to do something that musically transcended those miles.

They began writing duets, weaving intertwining lyrics. Their songs became musical battles, with each voice telling a different side of the same story.

Each recorded their own demo in respective studios near their hometowns and then mixed them in together, boasting that they actually sang together before ever having heard each other speak.

Their chance would be found in San Diego. There, the independent record label Pacific Records heard their catchy tunes at a music school, fell in love with the music, and signed them quickly thereafter.

Gathering a group of musicians with just as much energy, passion, and love for good music, they began crafting their sound with Ben Barnes on bass, Ryan Woolsey on lead guitar, and Josh Barragan on drums.

In a powerful fusion of Folk lyrics, Rock music with big Bluegrass 5 part harmonies, and sparring lead vocal lines that dance back and forth between Erin and Ben, their sound was complete.

Raw and powerful music, with well crafted lyrics woven throughout, A Mayfield Affair has been touring non-stop since early 2011. Each performance gains more and more attention, and each new song further hones their skill as a band. This truly is a band with forward momentum




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Dec 30, 2011

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