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Always Meet Twice


Genres: Acoustic / Pop

Location: Zunzgen, Switzerland

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4 tracks

There is only one young guy behind "Always Meet Twice" who puts all of his passion into his music. Andy Schaub. He was born on the 18th of March 1991 and grew up in a small village called Zunzgen. Surrounded by endless green hills, flowering fields and dense, mysterious forests, he lived out his childhood. With so many inspirations and role models, he started to play the guitar and the piano. With his voice he gives his songs a unique character. Andy discovered his love for music very early, but not until the tender age of 15 did it become his passion; he left his former band to go his own way. So, he has begun to play concerts, to let his creativity run free, and to discover a whole new side of expressions and emotions of music. The result is a mix of delicate, dreamy and vibrant melodies with flowing, soulful lyrics. In the song writing, the everyday life falls into oblivion and is only retained on paper: black on white. It is the moments in which the most deeply hidden dreams, hopes and feelings, are shown in their true expression in the form of tunes and stories. Based on the wisdom of life, "You always meet twice" is a new chapter that has begun in his life......



I Remember Sunday

Mar 06, 2010