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ALT Show

Helping promote unsigned bands & artists


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Location: Sydney, Australia

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4 tracks

Members: Amy|Lauren|Shelly

Yolla everyone!
Well first up welcome!
Right our names are Amy, Lauren & Shelly (aka Moose, Duckiiiie & The Rad) & we run the ALT Show
What's the ALT Show you ask?
Well it's what we like to call a 'mini-cast' the promotes unsigned bands & artists before anyone knows about them... that much.
If you have any band you would like to suggest or if your in a band... Let us know we'd love to play your music!

If you want any on the previous shows (listed below) that aren't up any more, just leave a comment or email us at altshow@live.com.au

Show #1 ft. Not On My Lawn, MACHINE & I Eat Lightning
Show #2 ft. Anna Carolan, Good With Grenades & Blood On The Dance Floor
Show #3 ft. I Rival, Forever December & Midnight Carnival
Show #4 ft. Skies Ablaze, Memories and Jersey & Not On My Lawn
Show #5 ft. Icarus The Owl, Tonight's The Night & Never Ending Conflict
Show #6 ft. George Newman, After The Escape & Charlie Tait
Show #7 ft. Snowsera, Anna Carolan & 23:19
Show #8 ft. Christopher Eagen, Drown The Armada & Hayley Robinson Smith
Show #9 ft. Day Of The Weak, Oh, Hush! & Midnight In The City
Show #10 ft. Icarus The Owl, I Eat Lightning & Never Ending Conflict
Show #11 ft. The Assembly Line, Dang! Coco & Rob Steele

Dylan Almberg of After The Escape - Interview
Not On My Lawn - Interview

So feel free to download our shows & find the bands we feature (most likely in our friends list)

*we do suggest you download the shows cause they're only up for a short time... we'll until we go pro*



  • IndiEvidual.. said:
    FREE BAND RECORDINGS! im studying audio engineering and would love to record you in my spare time because its ragingly awesome! its at JMC academy SYDNEY AUSTRALIA just msg me if ur interested!! and for info.. no strings attatched, we book the studios to suit your times, great quality for demos or whatever! Sep 25
  • The duck who's running to... said:
    i think we need some more fans here :P Jul 08
  • Carisse said:
    woot im listening to ur podcast :) Jun 25

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Dec 05, 1993

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