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Comments (21)

  • Nine Hearts said:
    soooo... ummm... whered all the songs go? O.o Aug 19
  • Kasey! said:
    anddd I have this CD :) Feb 01
  • Kasey! said:
    one of your best albums :) Feb 01
  • Zeus=] said:
    i wish their songs were as meaningful now as they were back then=[ But i still love them=] May 08
  • Veronica Garrett said:
    I enjoy how the release date of this album is 1969. Hahaha xD Nov 10
  • Beccuhh Bottle Pop said:
    you guys are amazing!! Nov 09
  • so_wrong_its_allison34 said:
    the band doesn't even have it. i asked alex at their concert the other day and he said they have one copy and its in a box somewhere at his managers house. . . . or something to that extent Oct 22
  • Victoria said:
    i heard that it couls be downloaded where could i download it?? Jul 22
  • Febuwary Sunn said:
    i wish they put this on i-tunes!!!!!!!!! May 30
  • carissa catastrophe said:
    ah! ive had this album forever! but i never had the cover art! now i do! XD Mar 04
  • Lindsay said:
    i love he version of running from lions :) and i can't do the 1-2 step makes my day. Jan 09
  • the masks her aid. said:
    where can i find this? id really like to have it. D: Jan 02
  • rochelle benzedrine said:
    steelcityskater: you can't find it anywhere. the band themselves said that they dont even have physical copy of it. Jack said that he has a copy of it but like one and it's on an unmarked silver disk haha Dec 26
  • Mandiie... said:
    i want it so bad! Sep 14
  • paige =] said:
    PLEASE ! were can i get this. i will pay like 500 bucks for this thing. =( Aug 22

Events (5)

Sep 25

Albuquerque, NM

7:00pm at Isleta Amphitheater
Sep 28

San Francisco, CA

7:00pm at Shoreline Amphitheater
Sep 29

Irvine, CA

7:00pm at Irvine Meadows Amphitheater
Sep 30

Los Angeles, CA

7:00pm at The Forum
Oct 01

Los Angeles, CA

7:00pm at Forum