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Released Jul 07, 2009

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Comments (28)

  • chad the Dark Prince said:
    i really love these guys Oct 11
  • Hurricane Welter said:
    Dudee. I really gotta see these guyss. Hopefully this summer at Vans Warped tour! :D May 22
  • Kasey! said:
    86 more days! 4th time ;) Anddd I'm meeting you guys! yayyyyy Feb 01
  • nayaabmiaow said:
    where are all the others? the other song on the cd are very inspiring. Jul 12
  • ♫ Mandy ☮ said:
    OMG they played these songs @ the concert i went to yesterday!!!!!!! Jun 12
  • Leslie Dominguez said:
    OMG I love dis song!!!!Can i Own??? May 26
  • amber benson. said:
    seen em :DD xx add me guys x May 13
  • Dannyy :] said:
    Seeing these at Leeds Fest.. Cant waitt!!! Apr 07
  • Vampire_Star said:
    All Time Low Is the SHIT!! Mar 24
  • fena ♥ said:
    NICE(: lol. okay i'm way too lag. o.o bleh you get the idea... i think... o.o (i should stop using 'o.o', shouldn't I?) Mar 06
  • frosty_banana said:
    great! music i love this album hopefully you guys keep making amzing music like the passed albums Aug 01
  • See.You.Next.Tuesday. said:
    where did the other album songs go?? this upsets me -.- Jul 24
  • punknerd12 said:
    i love this album!!! Jul 20
  • Blair Bethke said:
    Sweet album! This album was something that was worth it when I pre-ordered it! You guys have always been... and always will be my favorite band ever! I can't wait to get the chance to see you guys play. Rock on! Jul 20
  • BarbieGurlAlly!!(: said:
    ammmmmmmmaaaaaaaazzzzzzzziiiiiiiinnnnnnnng!!!!!!!!!! Jul 16

Events (4)

Sep 28

San Francisco, CA

7:00pm at Shoreline Amphitheater
Sep 29

Irvine, CA

7:00pm at Irvine Meadows Amphitheater
Sep 30

Los Angeles, CA

7:00pm at The Forum
Oct 01

Los Angeles, CA

7:00pm at Forum