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All Things Lucid


Genres: Indie / Rock / Folk Rock

Location: Chicago, IL

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4 tracks

Members: Miles Benjamin, Mike Kostal, Jeff Wolinski, Paul Gulyas


Moving past the success of their last album, Suburbs On The Moon (2007, Kilo Records), All Things Lucid is reaching beyond its trademark Americana sound and turning up the grit into tales of cause and effect. All Things Lucid is back with a fresh lineup of songs dealing with dark stories of struggle, success, freedom, and addiction. Their latest sound is more matured and soulful; with layered harmonies and raw emotion that hark back to earlier days of rock. Each song is congruent with each other, but derivative of their influences. Taking risks and stepping out of the comfort of roles, the members are constantly changing leads, backing vocals and instruments to keep each song unpredictable and unforgettable.


Miles Benjamin: Guitar / Bass / Vocals / Keys
Mike Kostal: Guitar / Bass / Vocals
Jeff Wolinski: Drums / Keys / Vocals
Paul Gulyas: Bass / Guitar / Keys / Vocals


  • mrPHUNtime said:
    Add Comment here... Sep 09
  • DudeoftheDay77 said:
    i love loose ends and fourth dimension. chicago was pretty catchy too. i don\'t know how i feel about this country stuff though. i mean i respect the ability to spread across genres but i thought loose ends and fourth dimension were really innovative. idk, what are other people saying? Jul 04
  • xxrockon said:
    Sweet! You guys are form Chicago! So am I! Jun 26
  • DudeoftheDay77 said:
    i don\'t like the new stuff sorry the old stuff was much better Jun 24
  • EleventyErica said:
    wow...i really like the music : ) Mar 19
  • DudeoftheDay77 said:
    huge bummer Feb 22
  • DudeoftheDay77 said:
    but love lacks commitment and faith lacks vision and religion is full of hypocrits and the spacemen are closer to God Feb 22
  • DudeoftheDay77 said:
    you guys rock, a lot Feb 22
  • sevengdivine said:
    Nice show last night guys. Keep at it. Feb 20
  • tragicmouse said:
    Hey guys...I think you\'ve really got somethig here. Of course, that\'s just my opinion as a music lover. Chicago is by far the best song I\'ve heard in quite some time. Keep up the brilliant work...and if I\'m ever back in Chicago, I\'ll definitely hit up a show. Feb 20
  • tearsofblood5170 said:
    u guys are great, everything you ever needed to know is a great song, it takes a different kind of person to be able to write as well as u guys do, good job never stop writing and creating music Jan 20

Suburbs On The Moon

Apr 25, 2007

Story of a careless man

No release date


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