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All Systems Red

New single out!


Genres: Metal / Rock / Other

Location: Sweden

Stats: 52 fans / 605 plays / 4 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Per Åström,Fredrik Helmersson,Magnus Lundberg,Rickard Lundberg,Peter Forsberg

Now we have finished our second single L.I.D, feel free to listen and download it, if you have a minute drop us a line and let us know what you think of it.

All Systems Red is an unsigned metal/rock band from Sweden. We have played metal for 15 years in different bands. Now we have found the perfect constellation, so please listen to our songs and write to us. You can download all the songs for free. We have just released 8 new songs.

Our video are released Red Death!!!

Check it out on theas sites.



  • Sheepslaughter said:
    L.I.D. is BADASS. To Whom It May Concern is sick too. You guys really picked up your aggression. Mar 27
  • Sheepslaughter said:
    True metal, hats off to u guys Jun 28
  • westsideVBchiKK said:
    I LOVE what i hear from you guys :] Come to omaha, nebraska! Please? haha We're smack dab in the middle of the United States and we've got an awesome music scene that you guys might be able to contribute to... Apr 11
  • Britney said:
    You guys all around rock! keep it up:) Mar 31
  • Marlyn said:
    ..Awesome!..good luck guys! m/ Mar 08
  • Xxmid night lightXx {WISHING AMONG A STAR OF HOPELESS} said:
    you guys are so freaken awsome i love the music.. you guys make my head spin but in a good way haha happy thanks 4 letting me know about your guys bands Mar 05
  • mikal567 said:
    sick music you guys Mar 05
  • mikal567 said:
    sick music you guys Mar 05
  • JUST DO IT!!!!! said:
    that sum pretty sick music!!!!!!!! dude!!! Mar 04
  • shay said:
    sweet!!! I love it! nice pictures also Mar 04
  • Damoris said:
    Great Guitar Gods, we have one. Mar 03
  • iZzZ eBiKA!!!! said:
    i LOVE your music! very nice Mar 03
  • Willie said:
    wow just wow this is amazing Mar 03
  • xXUp_In_SmOkEXx said:
    IMPRESSED! Mar 03


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